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India: Watch this five-legged holy cow bless the Hindu trustworthy


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M/S Cow with fifth leg
M/S Marriappan and his cow
M/S Cow with fifth leg
C/U Marriappan
M/S Marriappan holding his cow and taking part in a hand-gong
M/S Marriappan taking part in a hand-gong
SOT. Marriappan, proprietor of the five-legged cow (talking in Tamil): “This can be a blessed cow and has divine powers. It is an animal automobile for our god. If anybody touches the fifth leg with honest prayers, then no matter they want they are going to be blessed with good luck, cash, prosperity and even a toddler.”
W/S Individuals ready for the cow
M/S Girl ready for the cow
M/S Household ready for the cow
W/S Cow arriving
M/S Individuals touching the cow and taking blessings
M/S Cow with fifth leg
M/S Pappathi touching the cow
C/U Pappathi praying
SOT. Pappathi, devotee (Talking in Tamil): “I do know it is a cow, however we see it as a god and we belief this animal god. So we’re worshipping this five-legged cow and praying for life. If everybody worships this five-legged cow then they may get what they want of their life. So everybody ought to worship this five-legged cow.”
W/S Metropolis


A five-legged cow arrived on the metropolis of Tiruchirappalli on Friday, the place it was met by an expectant crowd of Hindus. Cows are thought of sacred by Hindus, who consider certainly one of their most necessary gods, Lord Krishna, was a cattle herder. The cow, whose further limb is connected to its neck is touring India with its proprietor, Marriappan. Many consider the animal brings good luck to whoever touches the additional limb, with some claiming it’s a manifestation of a Hindu deity.

Individuals provided cash and fruits to the cow. Many kids and ladies touched the fifth leg and made needs, much like how they ask needs of their deity. There’s a perception that pregnant ladies who contact the cow’s leg shall be blessed with a child boy.

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