How To Worship Hindu Temples – விஞ்ஞானிகளை வீயக்கவைத்த இந்துமதம்


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This video comprises totally different names for the temple and idea of worshipping temples and god Hindu temple displays a synthesis of arts, the beliefs of dharma, beliefs, values, and the lifestyle cherished beneath Hinduism. It’s a hyperlink between man, deities, and the Common Purusa in a sacred house.

The 9×9 (81) grid ‘’Parama Sayika’’ format plan (above) present in giant ceremonial Hindu Temples. It’s one among many grids used to construct Hindu temples. On this construction of symmetry, every concentric layer has significance. The outermost layer, Paisachika padas, signify points of Asuras and evil; whereas interior Devika padas signify points of Devas and good. In between the great and evil is the concentric layer of Manusha padas signifying human life; All these layers encompass Brahma padas, which signifies inventive vitality and the positioning for temple’s main idol for darsana. Lastly on the very middle of Brahma padas is Grabhgriya (Purusa House), signifying Common Precept current in every little thing and everybody.
In historical Indian texts, a temple is a spot for Tirtha – pilgrimage. It’s a sacred web site whose atmosphere and design makes an attempt to symbolically condense the perfect tenets of Hindu lifestyle.[14] All of the cosmic components that create and maintain life are current in a Hindu temple – from hearth to water, from pictures of nature to deities, from the female to the masculine, from the fleeting sounds and incense smells to the everlasting nothingness but universality on the core of the temple.


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