How to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage


Are you in the unfortunate situation of having lost or deleted your CCTV footage? Believe it or not, recovery is easy when utilizing Stellar Photo Recovery software. Leveraging powerful algorithms, this tool lets one preview and save video footage before making any purchase commitment. With a free demo version available for download, there’s no harm in testing out its capabilities!

Are CCTV Cameras Important for Us?

Through the use of CCTV cameras, surveillance has become a critical preventative measure in maintaining safety within our public spaces. As criminal activity continues to surge worldwide, such technology provides an invaluable resource to help deter and fight crime – protecting us all as we move around our cities and towns.

Businesses worldwide increasingly rely on CCTV cameras to provide a secure environment for their people and resources. By protecting both physical assets as well as personnel from potential intruders, these systems not only mitigate risk but also allow organizations to cut back security costs significantly by minimizing reliance on human guards.

Homeowners are increasingly turning to CCTV camera systems to protect their homes and loved ones effectively. Inexpensive, state-of-the-art surveillance solutions have become available that monitor activities in and around the house, serving both as a deterrent for criminals and providing peace of mind for parents about their children or pets.

How are CCTV Video Deleted from the DVR or HDD?

CCTV systems are vital for many businesses, homes, and public environments. Unfortunately, occurrences may lead to the loss or damage of stored footage; this could range from accidental deletion to a virus attack on hard drives/SD cards. Other possible causes include failed DVRs & hard drives (both logical & physical), fire-related damages, water seepage / moisture-induced harm, and bad sectors in CCTV’s drive disks.

Did Someone Accidently Delete CCTV Footage?

CCTV footage is not designed for long-term storage, and the number of overwritten old recordings depends on three factors: size of hardware, number of cameras, and resolution. To lengthen the “reset” period and ensure more data remains available to review in case needed, it’s recommended to improve HDD capacity.

Guideline to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage?

CCTV footage recovery is an achievable task! Depending on the type of damage caused, various reliable solutions are suitable for retrieving deleted material. For example, stellar Data Recovery Services offer professional video and photo restoration services and specialized software to quickly restore your CCTV footage so that you may review it again soon.

1. Using Backup to Restore Deleted CCTV

Having a backup ensures access to lost footage. Follow these quick instructions for recovering the video: Locate your saved folder, and identify and copy back any deleted files from the hard drive or SD card – you’ll be up and running with everything in no time!

2. Use of CMD Command

To recover missing CCTV footage, CMD is an invaluable tool. For optimal results, follow these steps: open Command Prompt as administrator and type CHKDSK <drive letter>:/f/r – this will scan the system for corrupt files or bad sectors, displaying a short report afterward.

3. Use of a Photo Recovery Software

Lost CCTV footage can be restored using Stellar Photo Recovery, a data recovery software. Supporting various formats, from Hikvision to Bosch cameras, offers the flexibility of restoring lost visuals with ease and convenience.

4. Data Recovery Services to Recover CCTV Footage

Contact the experienced professionals at Stellar Data Recovery Services to restore lost CCTV footage. With knowledge in retrieving deleted surveillance data from renowned brands, including Dahua, Sony, and Bosch – their team provides reliable recovery solutions for your security needs.

The increasing prevalence of CCTV cameras comes with a heightened concern for data retrieval when video footage is lost or deleted. Fortunately, Stellar’s team of technical geniuses has combined their knowledge and experience to create an unparalleled solution—data recovery from any loss scenario, including accidental deletion, formatting issues, media crashes, burnt tapes, and more with clarity and resolution at its core.

Tips to Avoid Damage to CCTV Recordings

Water Damage: To prevent further damage to data stored on your CCTV/DVR hard drive, refrain from drying it if exposed to water. Sunlight or a hairdryer can cause irreparable harm by damaging the platters and significantly reducing any potential for the successful recovery of information. Always keep the device in a clean and dry environment as found originally for best results.

Physical Damage: Unusual clicking sounds from a DVR hard drive should not be ignored as they may indicate physical damage to the device. If this is detected, immediate professional help should be sought out to recover any existing data that could have been compromised due to the faulty actuator arm assembly of your HDD.

Fire Damage: CCTV/DVR hard drives are sensitive devices and should not be tampered with under any circumstances, significantly if it has been damaged by fire. To protect against permanent data loss, professional help must be sought to recover video footage from these burnt hard disks.

CCTV/DVR Failure: It’s always wise to heed a warning regarding your system – if you experience errors, sluggish performance, or overheating, shut off the power and get an expert involved. Doing so could save time and money by preventing drive failure before it happens!

At Stellar, we are proud to offer sophisticated CCTV data recovery services in the event of accidental deletion or partition loss. Our experts can also address logical issues such as quick formatting, which usually prevents access to essential files and footage. Unfortunately, suppose your system has been used after a data loss incident. In that case, old information may have already been overwritten – but do not despair: our team will examine every drive submitted for any signs of residual content, which can then be retrieved on-site at our comprehensive in-lab facility.


Security is becoming a significant priority as we increasingly rely on surveillance cameras in our daily lives. To help protect footage and ensure it is not lost or damaged, there are numerous pieces of advice available to the everyday user – from easy DIY steps they can take themselves right through to professional software solutions like Stellar Photo Recovery Software or services that offer an expert level of assistance with data retrieval. Of course, every precaution should be taken so your CCTV system retains all its valuable information safe and sound!

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