How to pick Your Diamond Engagement Ring


Since way back when the diamond engagement ring possesses symbolized love eternal at WhiteFire, we create each of our rings with that in mind. Rings acquired from WhiteFire are built for you to last for generations to come. Many of us only use the highest quality merchandise for our engagements and wedding party rings. In doing so, each of our diamond engagement rings endures the test of time and embarks on becoming family heirlooms. Listed below you will learn how to shop for a ring and how to choose a diamond that is certainly right for you.


First along with probably most important, is deciding your budget, we have wedding ring pieces starting at $489 along with diamond engagement rings up to $45, 000. The most popular normal for buying an engagement ring is to your time equivalent of two months’ wage for the ring. While this could be the standard, it certainly will not mean you don’t have other standards on which to base your budget. The important factor is that you find the diamond ring that you can afford plus your future fiancé will love. Basically, a ring you both will be pleased to own for many years to come. This may sound easier than you may believe. However, at WhiteFire there is no need to go at it by yourself. Our many years of expertise can help you get on the right track in order to that somewhat tedious job of buying your perfect gemstone engagement ring a pleasant one.

Obtaining the Best Value

Purchasing your gemstone engagement ring from qualified experts like WhiteFire insures you have selected a high-quality product at a reasonable price. As a result of our high requirements, we only use the greatest materials. Our well-experienced artist jewelers create products that are performed to last for generations in the future. In doing so, our clients are assured of getting exceptional value for their buys.

When comparison shopping for your gemstone, be sure to compare the price along with diamonds of the same shape, dimension, color, cut, and clearness. Not all shapes are costed the same. Always remember that all elements being equal, a badly cut diamond may price as much as 50% less than a precious stone with a better or excellent cut. Poorly cut diamond jewelry will not have the sparkle and flames that a well-cut diamond can possess.

You might ask- energy some diamonds well trimmed while others are not? Well, the solution is quite simple. As you may know, diamonds are generally cut from the original very that mother-earth has given right out of the ground. Most of these rough crystals are ideal for lowering well-proportioned diamonds and some are definitely not. A diamond cutter can determine first, what appearance may be cut from that item of particular rough crystal to maximize finished or polished fat. Depending on the cutter’s goals, he will probably ultimately decide if he really wants to cut for beauty or maybe weight retention. When lowering for beauty, usually far more gem weight is missing or cut away. For this reason, a diamond that is effectively proportioned will command more income00 in the market. A diamond that is not as well proportioned may command a lower price from the market.

Selecting Your Band

When selecting your band you should compare the cost of options made from the same metals. Our platinum settings will always cost more as compared to 14K or 18K rare metals. Make sure the heft or perhaps weight of the rings are usually comparable. These days a great deal of precious jewelry is made overseas. Rings or perhaps settings made overseas are generally very light in excess weight and may not stand the test of time that a heavier excess weight, the domestic ring will last. Clearly, a heavier weight will surely cost a bit more.

Ring Style

Think about the style of the ring. Will she want something guaranteed traditional? Or does the lady prefer a vintage look, or maybe a contemporary look?

Purchasing Diamonds That Fits Your Budget

When considering the particular 4 C’s of purchasing your personal diamond, you must determine which will of the 4 C’s are most essential to you. Is it Color? Will it be Clarity? Is it Carat Weight? As well as is it a combination of all 4C’s? Whatever it is, the 4C ultimately determines the value as well as purchasing price of your great diamond.

You might ask, that is certainly the most important of the 4Cs. To get sparkle, fire, and splendor, some experts will state that it is the Cut or brilliance that is most important. While others will explain it is the Color that is most essential. However, it is important to note that even though experts are seasoned authorities and exposed to diamonds each day, it is ultimately you the purchaser that decides what is wonderful. Regardless of what experts say, it can be you and only you that could truly determine what is best in your case, your fiancé, and your budget- After all, “Beauty is in the vision of the beholder” right?

Discover how to Select a Diamond

Familiarize yourself with often the 4Cs of stone buying. They are Cut, Colouring, Clarity, and Carat Weight. WhiteFire offers a wide selection of expensive diamonds in many shapes and sizes. You should obtain a diamond that is ideal for price and quality.

Slice – The cut in the diamond can affect its selling price by as much as 50%. Still please know that Cut does not always mean the shape of the diamond. Simply by shape I mean popular reduces like the Round Brilliant, Princess or queen, Oval, Radiant, etc. Slice refers to symmetry or just how well a diamond will be proportioned. Another term used in the diamond industry is “make” of the diamond. The Slice or Make of the diamonds determines how well-proportioned the diamond will sparkle after they can be fashioned and polished for any end user. Again, a well-cut diamond will command more money00 in the market. An inadequately cut diamond will not be seen as “fiery” or “brilliant” and could be less costly.

Color – Colouring is another important factor in finding out the value of a diamond. A new diamond’s body color or coloring grade is determined by using a notification grading scale developed by often the Gemological Institute of The us. The color grading scale will begin with the letter D in the alphabet and goes down to the letter X. Starting with often the letter D, the stone will be at its whitest coloring and is also referred to colorless. Because you move further down often the grading scale towards A, the diamond will little by little become less colorless in addition to typically having more yellow coloring.

White or colorless precious gems are rare and therefore considerably more valuable or costly. Cardiovascular disease color or yellow a new diamond has, the least high-priced is. The color grading degree is basically broken down into some categories.

Colorless- consisting of Deborah to F in color, Near Colorless- G by J in color, Pass out Yellow- K to with M in color, and intensely Light or Light Yellow- meaning N to A in color. Beyond that time is what is classified as Expensive Yellow and that is a total of several ballgames.

Here is a good shopping tip to keep in mind. Diamonds might be best viewed when they are loose. It is not easy to tell color when a stone is in the ring setting, perhaps for a professional. Most precious gems will face up as a new whiter color when they are by now set in the ring hanging.

Clarity – Clarity means how clean the gem is definitely of inclusions. Inclusions are usually naturally occurring characteristics within the diamonds, kind of a fingerprint in the diamond if you will. In the same way, no one will ever have got your fingerprint routine, no two diamonds may ever have the same inclusions driven in the same way. It is extremely unlikely.

A lot more inclusions a diamond provides, the less valuable it truly is. Inclusions seen to the unaided eye are even less costly. Much fewer inclusions in a diamond command word a higher price, as they are more unusual than included diamonds.

Carat – The higher the carat of the diamond, the more you can pay. A Carat will be the unit of measurement useful for weighing gemstones. The smaller product of measurement under any carat is a called point. One carat is add up to 100 points. Half of any carat is equal to 55 points, so forth, etc. Obviously, diamonds come in numerous weights. The key is determining everything your budget allows.

If your long-term fiancé has small palms it may be that larger diamonds are not necessary for her palms. If she has larger palms, then you may have to go with a greater diamond. Talk to her, sense her out and try to have an idea of what she likes. Or if you are trying to maintain it a surprise, ask a family member or perhaps a close friend of hers just what she might desire. To do so, you are sure to buy the woman a diamond engagement ring she’ll cherish for a lifetime!

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