How to Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations When Implementing SAP


Providing the complete SAP solution.

This is the start.

It takes more than luck to complete an SAP project successfully; the market is crowded, and missteps in scoping, delivery, training, or support can be disastrous regarding the brand value, productivity, and employee morale. The actual Interesting Info about SAP ISU.

Before the project has begun, the viability study and extensive scoping must be completed as they will combine a blend of reality, cost-effectiveness, and client expectation. In this first stage, numerous decisions will need to be made; realistic delivery capability aspects will need to be incorporated while still providing a result that is appealing to the client.

Determining how long the project will take to complete.

Although many SAP projects can be bid upon simultaneously, the vast majority will not be won; however, the workload and detail applied should be identical for the projects both won and lost – the victory is in the details. Furthermore, discovery should present the majority of surprises, and the scope should give a realistic solution to this discovery; thus, the importance of a detailed and realistic assessment of this phase in increasing the system design and deployment efficiency.

Who should do the investigating, determining, and measuring?

At this juncture, it is crucial to combine the talents that can bring together the knowledge base to build a functional business/IT synergy. The best way to strike a balance between the two is for client project managers and consulting managers to sit down with experienced design architects and experienced business consultants to determine the realistically deliverable best practice based on all input.

Staffing constraints at the consulting firm and how to mitigate their effect on service quality.

Since the initial design and scope are the first determiner of success with an SAP project, this responsibility falls on the consulting firm. However, not every consulting firm can offer the “best in breed” of every consultant with vertical industry knowledge. The SAP work can be done by collaborating with SAP freelance consultants. Still, a word of caution is in order: endorsing a consultant that is an unknown quantity can damage the bid and the project’s ultimate success, and a good consultant can add international, vast, and varied specialist experience to the team.

Setting and meeting corporate performance requirements for projects.

Recent trends show that SAP clients are more interested in the delivery of highly skilled SAP experts to deliver within the timescale and without hidden costs to the project scope, which means that the bid must have many factors that come together to make a realistic offer. This disproves the common belief that pricing is the most critical issue. Instead, the business scope should provide a measurable, goal-based set of milestones at which responsibility can be assigned, and course corrections may be discussed, agreed upon, and implemented to ensure the project’s long-term success.


The need for expert SAP consulting solutions to take clients “fruit to nuts” without the project going “over time and out of budget” is growing in the face of SAP’s increasingly competitive market. It all begins with a realistic project plan scope by SAP professionals who understand the business models available through the SAP best practice process. Today’s SAP clients expect nothing less than the best consultants who deliver on time and within budget the project agreed upon within the original scope to offer a solution to the business needs that their environment demands.

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