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How one can Attain Liberation in Hinduism


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Ever suppose being reincarnated as an ant might be a step towards liberation? For many Hindus the very best purpose is moksha, when you find yourself launched from the cycles of rebirth and obtain unity with God.

Step 1: Be born
Be born.

Step 2: Stay your life
Stay your life. In case you are human, you could have reached the very best state of self-consciousness. With that comes each freedom and duty.

Remember the fact that based on the regulation of karma, your current situation is set by your actions previously. This implies you’ll be able to’t pin the blame to your present scenario on anybody however your self.

Step 3: Stay righteously
Stay righteously and attempt to meet the Hindu dharma, or duties.

Step 4: Pursue religious path
Pursue one of many 4 religious paths to appreciate God: data; love and devotion; selfless motion; and meditation.

Step 5: Detach your self
Steadily detach your self from bodily objects, needs, and stimuli. Solely by way of launch from self-interest are you able to attain liberation.

Step 6: Die

Hindu funeral practices, like cremation and expressions of grief, facilitate the soul’s passage to the subsequent stage of life.

Step 7: Be reincarnated
Be reincarnated. Your soul, or true self, at all times stays the identical even when your physique doesn’t. You’ll in all probability move by way of all six classes of life kinds earlier than breaking the cycle of samsara: aquatics, vegetation, reptiles and bugs, birds, animals, and people.

What kind your physique takes depends upon your needs and, you guessed it, karma. Main transgressions can ship you again to the plant or animal world.

Step 8: Repeat steps
Repeat the steps as needed till you might be liberated from samsara. It’s believed that finally everybody will get there–and there’s no time restrict.

Did You Know?
Based on Hindu scriptures, you will be reincarnated in any of the 8.Four million life kinds till you obtain moksha.


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