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How A lot Do People Know About Hinduism? The Curious Hindu


How a lot do folks within the US learn about Hinduism, the third largest faith on the earth with 1.1 billion adherents worldwide?

Hindu Media Bureau went to Harvard Sq. in Cambridge MA, and requested random folks easy questions on hinduism.

This video is the compilation of their solutions.

The place do Hindus come from?

– India
– Indian sub continent
– South America

What’s Hinduism?

– A convention
– A faith
– A kind of custom
– A broad faith
– A polytheistic faith
– A lot of temples and worshipping
– Extra of a way of life than a faith however it may be each.
– Ganesh, elephant god,
– Sabbath day, the place they quick and do a various things and occasions

Are you able to identify any well-known Hindus?

– Buddha
– Gandi

What do Hindus Imagine?

Everybody agrees; they do not know a lot about Hinduism

Discover out extra about Hinduism in fashionable society in our collection: The Curious Hindu.

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