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How Lord Ganesha obtained his Elephant Head? | Mythological Tales | Children Animated Video | The openbook


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The Elephant God
In Hindu Mythology Lord Ganesha has a novel stature. He’s first worshipped earlier than any auspicious event begins.
He’s mentioned to ne the destroyer of all obstacles and praying to him means no enemy can destroy us.
Common tales about his knowledge have completed the rounds and it is not uncommon information that he’s the son of Lord Shiva and
Goddess Parvathi.
However there are totally different theories about his beginning however the preferred one is that Goddess Parvathy made him out of
sandalwood and put him on guard whereas she was bathing and he refused to let Lord Shiva in because it was his mom’s orders
. Lord Shiva requested his military to destroy him. They didn’t succeed and he killed him along with his trident. Goddess Parvathiwas
enraged and determined to destroy all the creation if he was not restored to life. On Brahmas pleading she agreed to not do
so if Ganesha was given life and he was worshipped earlier than all Gods.
Left with no different the boon was granted and Ganesha was introduced again to life.
Shiva had ordered Brahma to deliver the primary creatures head he noticed within the northern course and this occurred to be the
elephant head which he placed on Ganesha.
One other story goes that Shiva had killed the son of the sage Kashyap and the sage had cursed him that he would lose his son
Shiva had introduced the sages son to life utilizing the pinnacle of the elephant however the sage was not appeased and when Shiva
lower of Ganeshas head he obtained the elephant head in keeping with the curse.
Lord Shiva is portrayed as one of many Gods who had been very sort hearted to his devotees and would grant a boon when
he was happy with them. Gajasura a devotee happy Shiva and obtained the boon of Shiva dwelling in his stomach.
Parvathi not discovering Shiva in Kailas sought the assistance of Lord Vishnu who together with Nandi went to Gajasuras place and
happy him. When requested what they needed Lord Vishnu requested for Shiva from the stomach. Gajasuraunderstood that it was
Lord Vishnu so he fell at his toes and requested for 2 presents that everybody ought to keep in mind him and put on his pores and skin.
Gajasura was an elephant headed demon so goes the legend.
Another legend goes that Parvathy after a yearlong penance on the behest of Shiva gave beginning to a stunning son with
Lord Vishnu’s blessings and all got here to see this stunning child. Lord Shani or Saturn hesitated as a result of he was would
destroy whom he noticed however Parvathy insisted and the identical occurred. Lord Vishnu seeing the grief stricken couple
rushed to the river banks and introduced again the pinnacle ofan elephant and gave Ganesha life. He bing blessed by Vishnu is
the storehouse of information and knowledge.
These are a few of the tales of how Ganesha obtained an elephant head. #theopenbook #Training #Educationalvideos #Studyiq #study #Cbse #icse #ssc #generalknowledge


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