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Historical past of Hindu India: India's Musical Custom


“India’s Musical Custom” is the ninth track in Hinduism Right now’s Historical past of Hindu India Music Video collection. It’s a track for youngsters meant to enhance the third of our standard Historical past of Hindu India documentaries, “Hindu India: 1000 to 1850.” The documentaries and songs neatly complement the research of India and the Hindu faith in American center faculties. This video that includes singers and composers Aks and Lakshmi provides the scholar a glimpse into India’s advanced musical custom.

Produced by Hinduism Right now
Music and Video: Aks and Lakshmi (
Lyrics: Dragan Stojkovski
Subtitles: Igro Burenkov (,

Full Historical past Collection Playlist:

Music Movies for this Documentary:
Half One, Tune One, “Let’s Go Again 6,000 Years:”
Half One, Tune Two, “That is What Hindus Imagine”
Half One, Tune Three, “Hindus Love Celebrations”
Half Two, Tune One, “Ten Centuries of Progress”
Half Two, Tune Two, “Metropolis and Village Life”
Half Two, Tune Three, “Sanskrit Tradition Blossomed”
Half Three, Tune One, “Exhausting Instances Fell Upon India”
Half Three, Tune Two, “The Devotional Bhakti Motion”
Half Three, Tune Three, “India’s Musical Custom”
Half 4, Tune One, “Swami Vivekananda”
Half 4, Tune Two “The British Raj”
Half 4, Tune Three, “India’s Combat for Freedom”
Half 5, Tune One, “India Awakes to Life and Freedom”

From Historical Instances:
300 to 1000ce:
1000 to 1850 ce:
1850 to 1947:
1947 to Current:

Purchase the Historical past of Hindu India Textbook: past-Hindu-Satguru-Bodhinatha-Veylanswami/dp/1934145386/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451424169&sr=8-1&key phrases=historical past+of+hindu+india

The Historical past of Hindu India (Half Three) was developed by the editors of Hinduism Right now journal in collaboration with Dr. Shiva Bajpai, Professor Emeritus of Historical past, California State College Northridge. It’s meant to supply an genuine presentation of the historical past of India and Hinduism to be used in American center and highschool lessons, in addition to Hindu temple research teams and common shows on the Hindu faith and historical past.

This documentary is predicated on the third chapter of the textbook, “The Historical past of Hindu India,” printed in 2011. It covers Indian historical past from 1100 to 1850 ce, from the Arab Muslim invasions to British rule, a time of nice issue for the Indian folks. These in depth international invasions are recounted, together with the plunder of the nice Siva temple at Somnath, and the institution of the Mughal Empire by the 16th century in most of India, its subsequent decline by the mid-18th century and the gradual management of India by the British. The documentary gives an account of the saints of the highly effective Bhakti Motion, together with Ramananda and Kabir. One part is dedicated to an summary of the Sikh faith, from its founding within the 16th century by Guru Nanak to formation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh within the 18th century. That is adopted by a quick introduction to Indian music and its fundamental ideas of tala (rhythm), raga (scale) and improvisation.

For extra data and for sophistication lesson plans primarily based on the guide, go to This documentary is directed and produced by Sushma Khadepaun; produced and narrated by Roger (Raj) Narayan. Funded by the Uberoi Basis, Institute for Curriculum Development, this movie could also be freely distributed for academic functions.


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