Hindus have fun delivery of elephant-headed Lord Ganesha

(25 Sep 2012) 1000’s of Hindus paraded statues of elephant-headed Lord Ganesha via the streets of Mumbai, India, on Tuesday, earlier than immersing them within the sea as a part of the deity’s birthday celebrations.
The celebrations have been a part of the annual 10-day Ganesha Chaturthi pageant, when Hindu households worship Lord Ganesha, the god of information, knowledge and success.
The pageant is widely known throughout India, however the primary ceremonies happen in Mumbai, the nation’s monetary and leisure capital.
Worshippers sing hymns, beat drums and stroll the streets carrying Ganesha idols giant and small.
Others ferry towering statues of the deity in vehicles adorned with garlands of marigolds and roses.
Hindus consider that immersing the idols within the sea marks the pure cycle of creation and dissolution.
All Hindu prayers start with an invocation to Ganesha and the devoted pray to the deity for beginning a brand new enterprise, asking for prosperity and knowledge.
Hindus account for greater than 80 p.c of India’s inhabitants of over 1 (b) billion individuals.

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