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Hinduphobics Uncovered – Why the Indian Mainstream Media Like to Mock Hindu Gods?


Why the Indian Mainstream Media Like to Mock Hindu Gods? Hinduphobics Uncovered !!!
क्यों भारतीय की प्रमुख मीडिया हिंदू देवताओं का मजाक करना पसंद करते हैं? हिंदु विरोधियों को उजागर करना!

Mocking Hindu gods is way simpler to get away with than mocking gods and prophets from different religions, like Islam and Christianity. Within the media, primarily liberal media, they’ve been ridiculing Hindu gods with no empathy.

Within the film PK there was an outrage, and might you blame Hindus, it was one other low blow by Bollywood after which stating Hindus are illiberal. Are you able to picture a prophet from Christianity or Islam being mocked? All hell would break free. Now look how tolerant Hindus actually are. Hindus are very tolerant, however when one thing critical occurs, they increase their voices after which they’re thought of illiberal. What nonsense!

When M.F. Hussain was mocking Hindu Gods he needed to flee the nation and the liberals have been upset. Keep in mind Charlie Hebdo incident, all hell broke free. If anyone says one thing offending Islam they face demise threats, however NO Hindus are illiberal. Let me inform you, Hussain fled the nation not due to threats however due to so many FIRs in opposition to him.

Hindus have to maintain elevating their voices in any other case the state of affairs will solely worsen and worse. I mentioned it earlier than and I’ll maintain saying it, “Hindus can now not be a punching bag”!

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