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Hinduism is an Indian faith, or a lifestyle, extensively practiced in South Asia. Hinduism has been known as the oldest faith on the planet, and a few practitioners and students check with it as , “the everlasting custom,” or the “everlasting approach,” past human historical past. Students regard Hinduism as a fusion or synthesis of varied Indian cultures and traditions, with numerous roots and no founder. This “Hindu synthesis” began to develop between 500 BCE and 300 CE, following the Vedic interval . Though Hinduism accommodates a broad vary of philosophies, it’s linked by shared ideas, recognisable rituals, cosmology, shared textual sources, and pilgrimage to sacred websites. Hindu texts are labeled into Śruti and Smṛti . These texts talk about theology, philosophy, mythology, Vedic yajna, Yoga, agamic rituals, and temple constructing, amongst different matters. Main scriptures embody the Vedas and Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Agamas. Sources of authority and everlasting truths in its texts play an …

Shortcuts to chapters:
00:02:53: Etymology
00:05:33: Definitions
00:07:02: Typology
00:13:03: Hindu modernism
00:15:54: Western understanding
00:16:59: Range
00:18:00: Sense of unity
00:18:58: Indigenous developments
00:20:56: Colonial influences
00:22:29: Purusharthas (targets of human life)
00:22:44: Dharma (righteousness, ethics)
00:24:03: Artha (livelihood, wealth)
00:24:38: Kāma (sensual pleasure)
00:25:04: Mokṣa (liberation, freedom from samsara)
00:25:48: Karma and samsara
00:27:01: Moksha
00:29:25: Idea of God
00:36:10: Authority
00:37:32: Foremost traditions
00:41:57: Scriptures
00:45:22: Rituals
00:46:11: Life-cycle rites of passage
00:47:38: Bhakti (worship)
00:49:34: Festivals
00:50:39: Pilgrimage
00:54:03: Varnas
00:55:34: Yoga
00:56:34: Symbolism
00:57:29: Ahimsa, vegetarianism and different meals customs
01:00:07: Training
01:00:25: Temple
01:02:24: Ashrama
01:04:23: Monasticism
01:05:15: Periodisation
01:05:53: Origins
01:07:06: Prevedic religions (till c. 1500 BCE)
01:08:22: Origins and growth
01:09:58: Vedic faith
01:12:31: “Second Urbanisation” (c. 500–200 BCE)
01:14:16: Classical Hinduism (c. 200 BCE – 1100 CE)
01:20:41: Islamic rule and Bhakti motion of Hinduism (c. 1200–1750 CE)
01:25:16: Hindu revivalism
01:26:42: Recognition within the west
01:27:51: Hindutva
01:28:40: Demographics

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