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Hinduism – The Fundamentals of Hindu Philosophy


This video focuses on offering an outline of the framework of Hindu faith, or the Hindu lifestyle. The aim of this video sequence is to allow a framework degree understanding of Hinduism and put in perspective, the numerous completely different texts, Gods, beliefs, and matters generally mentioned round Hinduism.

The video sequence consists of a complete of 15 chapters listed under along with a brief video in regards to the creator.
1. Chapter 1 – Hinduism – Faith, Origin, Beliefs, and Gods
2. Chapter 2 – Hinduism – Objective of Hindu Faith – Enlightenment
3. Chapter 3 – Hinduism – Significance of Thoughts
4. Chapter 4 – Hinduism – Origin and Evolution
5. Chapter 5 – Hinduism – Path to Enlightenment
6. Chapter 6 – Hinduism – Bhakti Maarga – Enlightenment by Devotion
7. Chapter 7 – Hinduism – Karma Maarga – Enlightenment by Work
8. Chapter 8 – Hinduism – Gnana Maarga – Enlightenment by Pursuit of Data
9. Chapter 9 – Hinduism – Raja Yoga & Tantra – Enlightenment by Absolute Focus
10. Chapter 10 – Hinduism – Vedas and Scriptures
11. Chapter 11 – Hinduism – Upanishad – What’s God
12. Chapter 12 – Hinduism – Gods and Prayers
13. Chapter 13 – Hinduism – The importance of Astronomy and Astrology
14. Chapter 14 – Hinduism – Understanding the Universe
15. Chapter 15 – Hinduism – Abstract of Hindu Philosophy

•A lot of the books on Hinduism don’t give the general context of the faith, its purpose, numerous methods of reaching the purpose and many others.,
•There are some books which go an excessive amount of intimately on many points thereby the reader will get misplaced in volumes with out with the ability to perceive the important thing rules.
•There are a number of different books which go into particular procedural facet of every a part of the faith with out giving any general context which makes the reader to discard the e-book after a number of pages.
•On this background, the intention of this video is : 1. To broadly summarize the teachings of Hindu Faith 2. To offer a broad understanding to the reader in regards to the purpose of the faith and the assorted paths to achieve the purpose. 3. To offer a broad understanding of the assorted procedures concerned in following various paths to achieve the purpose.
•The thought is to present a broader understanding and sense of path in order that anybody wanting deeper understanding on any explicit subject can undergo related books and perceive in addition to relate the identical to the broader context.
•Hinduism just isn’t topic to any central management or authority to specify what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate. It’s a lifestyle advanced over a number of generations , which have been captured in numerous teachings.
•Therefore the faith and its teachings are open to completely different interpretations and conclusions. The ideas expressed on this presentation may additionally be topic to completely different interpretations which can fluctuate from creator’s interpretation. Additional these interpretations could also be constrained by Writer’s restricted understanding of the huge ocean of teachings associated to Hindu Philosophy.
•In a manner this presentation is a fast information in understanding the Hindu Philosophy and lifestyle.
•Anyone wanting to know any a number of areas deeper can get related books from Ramakrishna Mutt Shops in several cities, Amazon (on-line) or search in Google or Wikipedia.

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