Hinduism Teachings

Hinduism Q & A 7-3-2020


04:34 – 05:25 What’s the proof of Soul or God?
05:26 – 06:17 Distinction between Jyotirlinga and Shivling
06:18 – 06:48 Caste as per manusmriti
06:48 – 08:18 Gem stones in astrology
08:18 – 09:02 Hyperlink between sexuality and identification
09:03 – 09:49 Why did God create us?
09:50 – 10:32 What do you do in heaven?
10:33 – 11:23 Does God create pure disasters?
11:55 – 12:53 Why gods have a number of arms?
12:54 – 13:36 Why some people are very brutal (reincarnation)
14:00 – 15:34 Morality in mythology
15:39 – 16:15 Function of reincarnation & genetics in character
16:16 – 17:54 Discoveries of Bhaskaracharya (Maths and science in historical India)
17:55 – 20:03 Is UK extra religious as a result of it’s rich?
20:04 – 21:36 Hindu thought of cyclic time
21:37 – 22:30 Distinction between soul and Atman
22:30 – 24:13 Origin of life and evolution
24:15 – 25:10 Variety of people who have religious experiences
25:41 – 27:12 The right way to pray each day as a Hindu
27:13 – 28:45 Why Buddha ignored God
28:55 – 30:09 Is Brahman nothingness or Sat-Chit-Ananda?
30:11 – 32:04 What’s the thoughts?
32:04 – 34:08 Hindu perspective on LGBTQ motion
34:20 – 38:57 Why some individuals are spiritual fanatics
38:57 – 40:23 Does Hanuman Chalisa give power
40:30 – 42:57 The right way to be moral and ethical
42:57 – 44:28 The right way to be taught Hinduism
45:17 – 46:13 Non secular expertise or Hallucination
46:14 – 46:59 Why would not an all highly effective yogi remedy world starvation
47:00 – 47:59 Why some spiritual academics are fixated on scriptures
48:00 – 49:32 Is Buddhism a part of Sanatan Dharma?
49:33 – 50:53 What schooling is required for a religious India?
50:53 – 52:33 Irritations whereas meditating
52:40 – 54:02 Hindus seen as idol worshippers

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Hindu Academy goals to advertise a Complete and Rational imaginative and prescient of Hinduism incorporating concepts of Non secular Pluralism, Non secular Humanism, and resonance between Science and Spirituality. It operates with the schooling institutions by working with faculties schools and universities in addition to within the mainstream media.

The position and relevance of Hinduism in modern society
Hinduism has an important deal to contribute in the direction of the religious well being of the fashionable world. Its inherent pluralistic teachings supply the perfect decision to how folks of various religions can co-exist peacefully in a multi-faith society. Hinduism even permits for spirituality to be explored in non-religious modes, making teachings related and attention-grabbing for the youth of at this time. Household values promoted by Hinduism can foster extra secure household models and higher neighborhood cohesion. The reconciliation between the reality claims of a science-oriented worldview and a religiously oriented worldview is compulsory on this century. The Hindu Academy invokes findings on the leading edge of recent sciences to advertise this reconciliation.

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