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Hinduism Defined – || Vedas || Karma || Sanatana Dharma || Idol worship


On this video, we will see four main perception ideas, current in Hinduism.

Primary, Karma:
Hinduism strongly believes in Karma. What you sow must be reaped, or slightly you reap solely what you sow. For the nice or unhealthy you do, you might be liable to face its consequence, NO MATTER WHAT.

This will likely contradict to the thought technique of a standard individual, who’s certain to have an opinion that, solely good individuals undergo whereas the unhealthy ones appear to guide a cushty life!!.
Nevertheless scriptures declare, that if the individual has accrued Paapam, she or he would face its consequence on this lifetime, if not, would positively reincarnate both on this Bhu loka or the lokas beneath, and face ramifactions. Equally, If the individual has piled up quite a lot of punyam, she or he would take beginning above this BHu Loka and reap advantages!.
So principally Hinduism believes that an individual takes due to Karma.

Quantity two Apaurusheyam:
The premise for all Hindu scriptures are Vedas and they’re thought of as Apaurusheyam which signifies that which has NOT been composed by Any. What?.. Appears Illogical… However how?, They’re truly sounds that are at all times current in area.. They have been heard and handed on. Hmmm Let me add some readability.

The audible frequency of regular people vary from 20Hz to 20kHz proper?, for cats it’s upto 79kHz they’ll hear even extremely sonic sounds, whereas elephants can hear infrasonic sounds with frequencies as little as 14Hz. Which suggests an animal can hear a sound which you can not hear or I can’t hear am I proper, Or in different phrases, there are quite a lot of vibrating nodes round us which we don’t hear. Nevertheless, The rishis, by way of the ability of meditation have been capable of hear and grasp some constant vibrations from area resonating at a selected frequency. They’ve imbibed it and handed on to their disciples which got here to be generally known as Vedas.

These Vedas are technically current round us everytime and are everlasting. Mark my Phrases,… Scriptures state that even Gods can’t declare rights over it. That’s why we shouldn’t have any major God or any such single father determine for Hinduism in contrast to different religions. This tendency is what is called Aparusheyam.

Quantity Three Idol worship:
Lets get slightly technical into Vaishnava theology. The place is God? Although God is omnipresent, Scriptures proclaim God might be conceived in 5 types. Para Vyuha Vibhava Antharyami and Archa. Para kind – residing in Vaikunda as Supreme, Vyuhaa, He’s thought of to be in Thirupaarkadal in four types as Vasudevan, Pradyumnan, Anirudhdhan, and Sankarshanan, Vibhava – You possibly can see God throughout his incarnations, Rama avathar, or Krishna avatar and so on, Antharyami, He’s Inside you inside me & inside everybody, and at last Archa-That which we worship within the type of idols. See, similar to how a flag symbolises the nation, the idol symbolises God. Don’t ask if he’s inside it. It’s the belief of thousands and thousands of individuals which is Inside it. Within the nook and nook of our nation we have now quite a lot of temples being constructed. So, It doesn’t matter how the idol is, however solely the conviction in it issues essentially the most.

Quantity 4: Sanatana Dharma / Everlasting virtues
The preachings conveyed by way of the scriptures are legitimate regardless of time. As an example, Bhagavat Gita is alleged to be preached by Krishna to Lord Surya a really very long time in the past, and it was legitimate for him. 5000 years in the past, it was preached by Krishna to Arjuna, which was legitimate then. Right now lakhs of individuals learn Bhagavat Gita. It sounds very a lot legitimate even at present. So, we see that These scriptures and preachings have stood robust for hundreds of years & centuries, making it unbiased of time-frame. That’s the reason these virtues are known as Sanatana Dharma. That that are everlasting.

So, these are the first four feautres of Hinduism..

The opposite necessary points of Hinduism like Purusharthaas, Thrigunas, Sahyam or tolerance and so on. will not be touched upon right here. We might even see them in another video.
So, Allow us to conclude with the assertion from famend non secular chief.

I’m proud to be born in a faith which has taught the world tolerance and common acceptance. We imagine not solely in common toleration however we settle for all religions as true.
-Swami Vivekananda


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