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00:01:41 1 Comparability between Islam and Hinduism
00:01:52 1.1 Theology and idea of God
00:03:15 1.2 Scriptures and messengers
00:04:24 1.three Similarities
00:07:05 1.Four Variations
00:07:14 1.4.1 Apostasy
00:07:55 1.4.2 Blasphemy
00:09:09 1.4.three Caste and creed
00:10:56 1.4.Four Circumcision
00:11:26 1.4.5 Consanguineous marriage
00:12:34 1.4.6 Jizya
00:13:10 1.4.7 Slavery
00:15:46 1.4.eight Meals-related conflicts
00:18:16 2 Politics and historic interplay
00:18:51 2.1 Peaceable cooperation
00:19:00 2.1.1 Translation of scriptures
00:19:25 2.1.2 Music
00:20:04 2.2 Non secular violence
00:23:07 three Up to date interplay
00:23:56 Four See additionally

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“I can not educate anyone something, I can solely make them assume.”
– Socrates

Hinduism is a lifestyle of the Hindu individuals of the Indian subcontinent, their diaspora, and another areas which had Hindu affect within the historic and medieval instances. Islam is a monotheistic faith wherein the deity is Allah (Arabic: الله‎ “the God”: see God in Islam), the final prophet being Muhammad, whom Muslims consider delivered the Islamic scripture, the Qur’an. Hinduism largely shares widespread phrases with the dhārmic religions, together with Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Islam shares widespread phrases with the Abrahamic religions–these religions claiming descent from Abraham–being, from oldest to youngest, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i Religion.The Qur’an and the Hadiths are the first Islamic scriptures. The scriptures of Hinduism are the Shrutis (the 4 Vedas, which comprise the unique Vedic Hymns, or Samhitas, and three tiers of commentaries upon the Samhitas, specifically the Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads); these are thought of genuine, authoritative divine revelation. Moreover, Hinduism can also be based mostly on the Smritis, together with the Rāmāyana, the Bhagavad Gītā, and the Purānas, that are additionally thought of to be equally sacred.
Hinduism and Islam share some ritual practices equivalent to fasting and pilgrimage, however differ of their views on apostasy, blasphemy, circumcision, consanguineous marriages, idol making, henotheism, social stratification, vegetarianism, and Ahimsa as a advantage. Their historic interplay for the reason that seventh century has witnessed durations of cooperation and syncretism, in addition to durations of non secular violence.


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