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Hinduism – 12 Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions


Hinduism – 12 Most Widespread Myths and Misconceptions.

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Hinduism – The Oldest Faith of The World has been typically Misunderstood within the West because of Cultural and Linguistic Boundaries. Right here we have a look at 12 most typical MISCONCEPTIONS:

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The 12 Most Widespread Myths and Misconceptions about Hinduism are:

1. It’s Referred to as Hinduism – No Scripture has any reference to ‘Hinduism’. It’s known as Sanatana Dharma – ‘The Everlasting Regulation’.

2. Hinduism Is As Outdated As Different Religions – Hinduism is the Oldest Faith within the World. Its Origins could be traced again to five,000 to 7,000 B.C. A few of the Astronomical Occasions talked about within the Rig Veda occurred round 10,000 B.C.

3. Hinduism Is An Organised Faith – There’s No Single Founding father of Hinduism or a Single Scripture or Governing Physique.

4. Swastika – Hindus Help Nazis – Hinduism Helps Non Violence – Not Evil. Swastika is an Auspicious and Sacred image in Hinduism which has existed for hundreds of years earlier than Hitler or Nazis.

5. Hindus Worship Idols – Hindus Worship God by means of an Idol. The Idols are used as Focal Factors to assist help in Meditation and Prayer.

6. Hinduism Is Polytheistic With 330 Million Gods – Hinduism shouldn’t be Polytheistic. It’s Pluralistic. All of the Gods are manifestations of the identical Supreme Being – Brahman.

7. Hindus Worship Cows – Hindus do not worship cows. Cows are commemorated and revered as they solely present taking again little or no in return.

8. All Hindus Are Vegetarians – A Majority of Hindus Eat Meat. Round 35% are vegetarians stemming from the assumption in Ahimsa – Non – violence towards any dwelling factor.

9. Hinduism Advocates Caste System – There isn’t any Caste System in Hinduism. It’s rooted within the Tradition.

10. Bhagavad Gita Is The Hindu Bible – There isn’t any Single Principal Scripture in Hinduism.

11. Hinduism Is Solely Practiced In India – Hinduism is the third Largest Faith within the World with over 1.1 Billion Followers everywhere in the World.

12. Hinduism – Identical as Different Religions – Hinduism is a Manner of Life. It’s a Dharma. It has detailed descriptions of some Superior Science and Applied sciences.

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