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Hindu Legislation: Who’s a Hindu – Sources – Historical and Fashionable – Sruti (Defined)


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Who’s a Hindu:
i. Any one that is a Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Budhist by faith is ‘Hindu’
ii. Any one that is born of Hindu Mother or father (one or each)
iii. Any one that will not be a Muslim, Christian, Parsi, or Jew and who will not be ruled by some other regulation.
– born hindu; – converts to hinduism;
Sources of Hindu Legislation
I. Historical Sources
a. Sruti,
b. Smriti,
c. Digests and Commentaries, and
d. Customized
II. Fashionable Sources
a. Fairness, justice and good conscience,
b. Precedent, and
c. Laws.
Historical Sources:
a. Sruti:
– revealed regulation
Shruti means “what’s heard”. It’s believed that the rishis and munis had reached the peak of spirituality the place they had been revealed the information of Vedas.
Thus, shrutis embody the 4 vedas
– rigveda,
– yajurveda,
– samveda, and
– athravaveda
– together with their brahmanas. * The brahmanas are just like the apendices to the Vedas.
Vedas primarily comprise theories about sacrifices, rituals, and customs.
Vedas consult with sure rights and duties, types of marriage, requirement of a son, exclusion of girls from inheritance, and partition however these should not clearcut legal guidelines.
– Varns – In the course of the vedic interval, the society was divided into varns and life was divided into ashramas.
– karma – The idea of karma got here into existence throughout this time. An individual will get rewarded as per his karma. He can attain salvation by “information”.
– divine origin – Since vedas had a divine origin, the society was ruled as per the theories given in vedas and they’re thought-about to be the basic supply of Hindu regulation.
– description of life – Shrutis mainly describe the lifetime of the Vedic folks.
The vedic interval is assumed to be between 4000 to 1000 BC.
It’s believed that varied rishis and munis integrated native customs into Dharma.


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