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Hindu & Hinduism – Who we’re., The Origin

The phrase Hindu may be very a lot misunderstood and misused. Many individuals don’t know how the phrase originated. In India, some politicians use the the phrases Hindu and Hindutva with communal overtones both to advertise or oppose some ideology or get together. To the remainder of the world, Hindu and Hinduism seek advice from a set of individuals belonging to particular non secular system.


The actual fact is that the BOTH the phrases “Hindu” and “India” have international origin. The phrase “Hindu” is neither a Sanskrit phrase neither is this phrase present in any of the native dialects and languages of India. It must be famous that “Hindu” is NOT a non secular phrase in any respect. There is no such thing as a reference of the phrase “hindu” within the Historic Vedic Scriptures.


It’s stated that the Persians used to seek advice from the Indus river as Sindhu. Indus is a serious river which flows partly in India and partly in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the Persians couldn’t pronounce the letter “S” appropriately of their native tongue and mispronounced it as “H.” Thus, for the traditional Persians, the phrase “Sindhu” turned “Hindu.” The traditional Persian Cuneiform inscriptions and the Zend Avesta seek advice from the phrase “Hindu” as a geographic title moderately than a non secular title. When the Persian King Darious 1 prolonged his empire as much as the borders of the Indian subcontinent in 517 BC, some folks of the Indian subcontinent turned a part of his empire and military. Thus for a really very long time the traditional Persians referred to those folks as “Hindus”. The traditional Greeks and Armenians adopted the identical pronunciation, and thus, steadily the title caught.


The phrase “India” additionally has an identical international origin. Initially, the native Indians used to deal with the Indian subcontinent as “Bharat”. As a matter of truth in Mahabharat,which is likely one of the two “Itihasa”, we discover reference of the phrase “Bharat”. As per legend, the land dominated by the nice King “Bharata” was referred to as Bharat.


The traditional Greeks used to mispronounce the river Sindhu as Indos. When Alexander invaded India, the Macedonian military referred to the river as Indus and the land east of the river as India. The Greek writers who wrote about Alexander most popular to make use of the identical title.


For the Arabs the land turned Al-Hind. The Muslim rulers and vacationers who got here to India in the course of the medieval interval referred the Indian subcontinent as “Hindustan” and the individuals who lived there as Hindus.


Thus, if we go by the unique definition of the phrase Hindu, any individual residing within the land past the river Indus is a Hindu and no matter faith she or he practices is Hinduism, the phrase Hindu is a secular phrase. Hinduism denotes any faith or religions which might be practiced by the folks residing within the Indian subcontinent.


The correct phrase to make use of for these individuals who comply with the Scriptures of The Vedas is “Sanatana Dharma”, not “Hinduism” as is often used.

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