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Hindu Gods : The Full Checklist


Hindu Gods & Goddesses kind the pantheon of Hinduism. The phrases and epithets present in Indian tradition, which can be translated as deity, varies with the textual content and various traditions inside Hinduism, and embrace Deva, Devi, Ishvara, Bhagavan and Bhagavathi.

A short historical past of Hindu gods :
The deities of Hinduism have developed from Vedic period (2nd millennium BCE) by means of medieval period (1st millennium CE), regionally inside India and in southeast Asia, and throughout Hinduism’s various traditions. The Hindu deity idea varies from a private god as in Yoga faculty of Hindu philosophy, to 33 Vedic deities, to a whole bunch of Puranic deities, to hundreds of thousands of deities in Tantra traditions of Hinduism. Illustrations of main deities embrace Vishnu, Sri (Lakshmi), Shiva, Parvati (Durga), Brahma and Saraswati. These deities have distinct and complicated personalities, but usually considered as facets of the identical Final Actuality referred to as Brahman.

This video introduces the principle Hindu gods & goddesses to the viewer.


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