Hindu Goddess Sarasvati – Hindu Goddess of Data and Arts


On this video, I discuss who Goddess Sarasvati is, the Hindu Goddess of data, arts, and creativity.

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Goddess Sarasvati (or Goddess Saraswati) is the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Goddess of Arts and Goddess of Data. She is the personification of the Sarasvati River and was born together with the primary creations of Brahma, changing into his spouse.

The story of the Goddess Sarasvati doesn’t current many particulars. Nevertheless, she is far honored for her powers and particularly for being the personification of the Holy Sarasvati River. The native folks worshipped Sarasvati and her energy to create life wherever she went. The identical potential of the river to stream and create its personal path is seen within the attributes of the Goddess.

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Saraswati by Raja Ravi Varma:

I could not discover the opposite artists. If you understand, please inform me so I can provide the right credit.


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