Hindu और Greek भगवानो के बीच समानताएं Adbhut Rahasya | Eight Similarities Between Hindu And Greek Gods


Hindu और Greek के भगवानो के बीच समानताएं | 9 Unusual Similarities Between Hindu And Greek Gods

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Greek and Indian Mythology are two of the oldest mythologies recognized to man. Though each of those mythologies don’t have any established reference to one another, but they share some putting similarities.

Listed below are some fascinating issues that one can find frequent in each these mythologies.

1. Zeus and Indra
An important similarity that involves anybody’s thoughts is the uncanny similarity between Zeus and Indra.
Not solely each of them are King of Gods of their respective mythologies, however even their weapon is nearly similar.
The similarities don’t finish simply with their place or weapon, even their abode is sort of comparable. Whereas Zeus stays at Mount Olympus, Indra stays at Mount Meru.
Each of them additionally share some putting character traits.

2. Achilles and Karna
Identical to Zeus and Indra, Karna and Achilles additionally share a whole lot of similarities. Probably the most putting similarity is their armor. Each of them had a sort of an impenetrable armor which nearly made them invincible. Each of them had been probably the most expert warriors of their respective epics.
Not solely that, similar to Achilles, Karna too was a demigod. And earlier than the warfare, each of them had been requested by their respective moms to not take part within the warfare.
If we learn epic fastidiously, then we are able to perceive that it was the loss of life of those two warriors that ultimately led to the tip of each the wars.
Other than Karna, Achilles has additionally been in contrast with Bhisma, as each had been born to a water goddess.

3. The Holy Trinity(त्रिदेव)
The presence of a sort of a holy trinity may be present in each of those mythologies. In Indian Mythology, despite all the opposite Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar are thought-about to the three most necessary Gods.
Similar method, within the Greek mythology, you could have Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon who respectively rule the heavens, the underworld, and the seas. They’re thought-about because the three most necessary Gods in response to the Greek mythology.

4. A God for every thing
A really putting similarity between each these mythologies is that, you could have a God for every thing. Identical to us in addition they have a God of wealth, knowledge and underground.
Not solely that, similar to us in addition they have a particular messenger of God and likewise the chief architect of Gods, similar to our Vishwakarma.

5. Hades and Yama
Hades and Yama are two very comparable characters. Each of them are the lords of the underground.
However apparently, each of them are usually not evil. They only assign an individual a spot in Hell or Heaven, primarily based on their virtues and vices.

6. Saptarishis and the seven sisters
Identical to we’ve got the idea of Sapthrishis, they’ve the idea of Seven sisters. In line with our epics, the Saptharishis are the seven brilliant stars that may management even the Solar.
In Greek mythology, these seven sisters are generally known as the Pleiades. Identical to the Saptarishis, they’re additionally a cluster of stars.

7. Icarus and Sampati
The story of Icarus and Daedalus might be probably the most informed tales. Curiously, this story has a parallel within the Indian Mythology as nicely. Identical to them, we’ve got the story of Jatayu and Sampati.
In the future once they had been flying excessive within the sky, Jatayu went too near the solar, so Sampati, with a purpose to save Jatayu, went after him. Though he did save Jatayu however within the course of, his personal wings acquired burnt due to the warmth of the solar and he fell straight to the bottom similar to Icarus.

8. Hermes and Narada
Each of them act as messengers and each of them are sons of two strongest Gods in their very own respective mythologies. They share a whole lot of comparable traits traits as nicely.
At instances, each of them are shrewd and crafty. Each of them are sometimes recognized to trick and mislead individuals with their phrases.
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