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God Vishnu as Shaligram stone.Marriage of Tulsi to Shaligram stone on Dev Parbodhini Ekadashi.

Lord Vishnu is commonly worshipped in lots of locations within the type of a black stone. Throughout the time of Satya Narayan Puja, the priest carries this stone together with him and locations it close to the idol after which begins reciting the mantras. This black stone is named Shaligram stone. It was on account of a curse that Lord Vishnu changed into a stone.

Lord Vishnu obtained this curse from one in all His most loyal devotee, Vrinda. The curse turned him right into a stone, popularly referred to as Shaligram. It’s discovered close to the banks of the Gandaki river solely. The story of the Shaligram stone is fascinating and distressing on the similar time. It’s a story of conceitedness, devotion, love and betrayal. The God tricked His most loyal devotee and earned a curse for Himself in return.
There was as soon as a demon king named Jalandhar. He was born out of the flames which emanated from Lord Shiva’s third eye. That’s the reason he was an especially highly effective warrior. Brahma had granted boons to Jalandhar that resulted in his huge powers. Jalandhar married Vrinda, daughter of Kalanemi and had a boon that his powers will stay undiminished so long as his spouse Vrinda is chaste. This made King Jalandhar smug and he declared conflict on different kings, demi gods and began tormenting them.
In keeping with Puranas, the devtas ran to Lord Shiva for assist and a ferocious battle broke out between Shiva and the demon Jalandhara (Jallundhara). They each appeared equally matched with nobody ready to fall again, and therefore the battle went ahead for a very long time. The truth is it was not like an on a regular basis battle between gods and demons, nevertheless it was a conflict between the chastities of two virtuous women- Parvati and Vrinda.
Lord Shiva knew it nicely that except the chastity of Vrinda, spouse of Jallundhara, was stained, Jallundhara couldn’t be exterminated. However it was towards the character of gods- they may not spoil the chastity of an ethical girl. Therefore regardless of realizing every thing, the gods had been powerless, however for Jallundhara, nothing was forbidden. So pondering that by staining the chastity of Parvati, he might overpower Lord Shiva, Jallundhara reached Parvati within the guise of Lord Shiva.
When Parvati noticed the lustful eyes of Jalandhar, she instantly recognised him and was offended and upset. She directly ended his guise and managed to immobilize him, however was harm and felt violated. She approached Lord Vishnu and informed him that it was the time to blot the chastity of Jallundhara’s spouse, Vrinda, and it’ll not be a sin.
Despite being the demon princess and spouse of the demon king, Vrinda worshipped Lord Vishnu. She was a devoted and staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu and prayed to Him with all her religion. Lord Vishnu approached Vrinda within the garb of Jallundhara. Vrinda couldn’t perceive the deceitfulness and due to his intimate presence her chastity acquired deflowered. Lord Shiva destroyed Jalandhar as he misplaced his powers when Vrinda misplaced her chastity.
When Vrinda discovered about this deceit, she was shattered to see that she was tricked by her personal Lord. She cursed him that his spouse would even be deceitfully kidnapped and can wander in her search. She additional cursed Vishnu “O Lord, regardless of being a realized God you may have behaved in a silly method. So go and switch into shapeless black stone”. Lord Vishnu accepted the curse and He changed into the Shaligram stone. Vrinda was additionally heartbroken and she or he embraced dying by getting into into the fireplace.
Lord Vishnu accepted the curse as He felt responsible of betraying His biggest devotee. So, He gave Vrinda a boon that from her ashes the plant of Tulsi can be born and the plant would get married to the Shaligram stone. This manner her chastity wouldn’t be maligned and she or he would stick with Lord Vishnu perpetually. Vishnu additionally mentioned that he would by no means settle for meals with out Tulsi and subsequently Vishnu’s prasadam is at all times supplied with a leaf of Tulsi in it.
It’s thought-about extraordinarily auspicious for {couples} in the event that they marry the Tulsi plant with the Shaligram stone on the day of Dev Parbodhini Ekadashi. It brings happiness and prosperity of their marriage. A quick is noticed on the Tulsi Vivah day until night when the ceremony begins. It’s believed that the soul of Vrinda resides within the plant at night time and leaves within the morning. Each Vishnu and Tulsi are bathed and embellished with flowers and garlands earlier than the marriage. The couple is linked with a cotton thread (mala) within the ceremony.
The Skanda Purana says that Shaligrama-shilas don’t require set up. The worship of Shaligram is the perfect type of worship. The Gautamiya Tantra says devotees ought to take the charanamrita from the shaligrama-shila of their hand and sip it, sprinkling the stability on their heads. The Padma Purana explains that every one these holy rivers awarding moksha, such because the Ganga, Godavari, reside within the charanamrita of Shaligram.


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