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Glory of Hinduism by Swami Ramakrishnananda


Swami Ramakrishnananda lucidly describes the Hinduism in his personal inimitable type. Hinduism doesn’t have a single founder or a single holy ebook. It has plenty of holy books that include the huge ocean of information. Hinduism accommodates individuals from all strata of the society, be it a scholar or a layman. Swamiji additionally talks in regards to the significance of the ‘Prasthanathrayas’, particularly, the Upanishads (Sruti Prasthana), Bhrahma Sutras (Nyaya Prasthana) and the Bhagavad Gita (Smriti Prasthana).

This discourse by Swami Ramakrishnananda of Chinmaya Mission Nagapattinam was recorded throughout the Advaita Vedanta Immersive 2019 camp carried out by Chinmaya Worldwide Basis (CIF) at Adi Sankara Nilayam (maternal delivery dwelling of Sri Adi Sankaracharya), Ernakulam, Kerala from 25th – 31st December, 2019.


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