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Twenty million Indians reside abroad, spanning throughout Asia, Africa, Britain, the U.S., the Emirates, and a number of other small nations within the Caribbean. In Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, and Guyana their histories are entangled with nineteenth-century European colonialism and indenture. This slide-talk highlights the migration tales of Indian diaspora communities—their successes and the social and political challenges they face of their new homelands.

Maina Chawla Singh is a scholar-in-residence at American College, the place her present analysis features a research of Indians within the French Caribbean Islands. Singh has printed a number of scholarly articles and is the creator of Being Indian, Being Israeli: Migration, Ethnicity and Gender within the Jewish Homeland and Gender, Faith, and ‘Heathen Lands’: American Missionary Girls in South Asia (1860s–1940s).



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