Glimpses of Hinduism, the timeless knowledge of Sanatana Dharma


Sanatana Dharma, generally often known as Hinduism, is a faith with no starting nor finish. Sanatana Dharma is everlasting, it has at all times existed and has not undergone any human intervention, due to this fact it’s Apaurusheya. Sanatana Dharma will not be a revealed faith and it’s based mostly on the authority of the sacred Scriptures, the Vedas. Hinduism will not be a dogmatic faith or a faith topic to an authority. The Vedas have been perceived by Rishi in a state of deep meditation, so Sanatana Dharma is actually based mostly on expertise, on custom and on obedience to the Vedic injunctions and but it doesn’t decide an enslavement of purpose, however fairly it conjures up religious and philosophical analysis, beneath the information of sovereign freedom.

Hinduism is a monotheistic faith, actually it believes in a single solely God.

For the Hinduism the final word objective of life is Moksha, the liberation from the cycle of incarnations and the bondage of ego, to acknowledge what now we have at all times been: one in God and one with God.


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