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Ganesha Ashtottaram – 108 Names of Ganesha with English which means


Sri Ganesha Ashtottaram – The 108 names of Lord Ganesha

This video has been ready with the intent of creating the candy names of our pricey Lord Ganesha extra accessible and straightforward to grasp. After every conventional title in Sanskritam, follows the english which means. We hope you get inspired via this audio and slide to study the 108 names of Ganesha and recite them frequently throughout Ganesha Puja.

Acknowledgement : Himalayan Academy (photos and 108 names translation)

By way of the hyperlink beneath you’ll be able to entry the doc containing all of the 108 names in transliteration and English which means. The doc is a part of a full Ganesha Puja, which may be very fascinating and ‘consumer pleasant’ or on this case we’ll say ‘Devotee Pleasant’


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