FAQ about vacuum glazing

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Typically, our posts are for glass professors, while most end users don’t understand what’s vacuum glazing and the difference between average double glazing and why vacuum glazing is so expensive; here is a summary of the FAQ about vacuum glazing for end users to understand well.

What is vacuum insulating glass?

Vacuum insulating glass, or vacuum glazing, is a new and revolutionary glass product. The aim is to meet the strict net-zero laws and rules worldwide, nations and countries.

Vacuum insulating glass is sealed glass units containing 0.1-0.3mm high vacuum space (usually 10-4Pa) between glass panels. Unlike customary double glass units, the vacuum space replaced air or argon and brought up colossal performance improvements, whether thermal insulation, soundproof or anti-condensation.

How does vacuum glazing work?

Whether air, argon or other gas inside double glass units, the gas contributes to the heat transfer and exchange between inside and outside.

By changing gas to vacuum, vacuum glazing eliminates heat convection. It prevents heat transfer from external lite to internal glass in summer and winter, preventing inside warm air from being transferred outside and keeping the house warm.

In addition to the low-E coating helping to reflect most solar radiation and transfer the solar lighting into cold light, vacuum glazing’s final heat transfer performance is only 20% that of double glass units.

Vacuum glazing is the most efficient glazing till now; it gives windows &glass a shelter from wind and rain and works as a wall to reduce the energy used for heat and cooling. Many windows restoration projects have started to adopt vacuum-sealed windows without changing the window frame to expensive modern ones.

What’s the benefit of vacuum glazing?

Vacuum glazing can decrease energy consumption and make your summer cool and warm in winter.

Vacuum glazing also brings more benefits, such as making your house quieter and decreasing shallow and middle-frequency traffic noise. Keep your glass free from condensation for up to 25 years. Even though the initial investment is enormous, the long-lasting benefit worse it.

What are vacuum-sealed windows?

Vacuum sealed windows are windows using vacuum insulating glass.

Now popular windows with double glass units are pretty thick and expensive because of increased aluminum & PVC materials. In addition, complex structures are added to make windows more energy-saving, resulting in higher costs.

As vacuum glass is only 6-10mm thick, vacuum-sealed windows can achieve the same and much better performance than standard windows frame and help decrease overall costs.

More importantly, the thin vacuum glass can fit almost any already installed window frame; customers can replace the original glass and improve the performance of their windows 10 times higher directly without paying for new window systems and the long time site works.

Is vacuum glazing expensive?

Since vacuum glazing innovation 30 years ago, high vacuum glass price limited its extensive scale application.

The world’s main vacuum glass manufacturers include AGC-Fineo, Pilkington Spacia, China Landvac, and HaanGlas.Generally, the vacuum glazing price is USD150-250/SQM, even though many are typical to anneal vacuum glass.

The emergence of HaanGlas changed the situation and made vacuum glazing prices more friendly. Although vacuum glass products vary from USD110-160/SQM based on different projects, vacuum glazed windows (U value 0.89W/M2.K, which is far more superior than passive house windows) reached USD350-500/SQM, which is only half that of other windows manufacturers.

Vacuum glass supplied by HaanGlas is tempered to offer more safety and superior metal edging sealing technology, making it the world’s most advanced vacuum glass product.

HaanGlas is a turnkey vacuum glazing manufacturer; we not only offer vacuum glass and develop vacuum-sealed windows to fit your every project.

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