Trustworthy endure piercings for Hindu competition of Thaipusam


1. Man sporting kavadi prepares to stroll the 4 kilometres to the temple on the opposite aspect of Singapore
2. Girl singing subsequent to man pierced in ritual method referred to as “kavadi”
3. Coconuts being smashed
4. Devotees stroll to route
5. Man sporting kavadi and others stroll dancing to music
6. Numerous ceremony
6. Shut up of man being pierced
7. Drums beating and flute participant
8. Shut up of tears on man
9. Younger man being pierced and screaming
10. Shut up image with god
11. Hindus sitting down round fireplace
15. Shut up of spear by way of mouth
16. Girl paying tribute to younger man being pierced
17. Numerous musicians
18. Arrange shot of Subbaraman Ramesh, spokesman for Hindu Endowments Board Singapore
19. SOUNDBITE (English): Subbaraman Ramesh, spokesman for Hindu Endowments Board Singapore
“Thaipusam is mainly a competition of Thanksgiving. Many individuals, Hindus typically, they take up vows and the vows can differ in several kinds, a few of them could also be in difficulties, monetary difficulties and possibly they have out of it, so they’re paying their homage and they’re giving their due to Lord Murugan”
20. Man in white gown lighting incense
21. SOUNDBITE: Richard Morgan Samuel, Man being pierced,
“So you need to quick, your coronary heart must be pure so in case your coronary heart is pure you wont really feel any ache”
22. Numerous of Samuel being pierced and beginning procession


Greater than 50-thousand Hindus took half within the annual piercing competition, Thaipusam, in Singapore Tuesday.

Hindus pierced, skewered and hooked themselves with sharp objects in a non secular show of penitence – an annual ritual ridiculed by some as
primitively grotesque however celebrated by many as a paean of unity for ethnic Indians of Singapore.

Lots of the celebrants carried heavy “kavadi” – actually “burden” – that are lavish picket, bamboo and metallic arches embellished with peacock feathers and portraits of gods weighing as a lot as 45 kilograms (100 kilos).

The extra ardent devotees strung their backs with lustrous fishhooks dangling with limes and thrust skewers so long as 1 meter (Three ft) by way of
their tongues and cheeks in a homage to Lord Murugan, a revered warrior deity.

The annual competition, often called “Thaipusam,” can also be a significant vacationer attraction, drawing a whole lot of foreigners together with locals.

Thaipusam is well known by Tamil-speaking Hindus within the lunar month of Thai, when the moon is in transit throughout the brightest star, Pusa – additionally
often called Altarf – within the zodiacal signal of Most cancers.

The competition is banned in India, however is well known in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, which has massive ethnic Tamil Hindu populations.

The celebrations arrived with early 19th century plantation staff introduced in by the British from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Many carry kavadis or pierce themselves to thank God for granting them favours in addition to to atone for sins.

Others provide milk, or throw coconuts, to Lord Murugan.

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