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Episode 4: The Origin of the 108 Lokesvaras in Nepal


The worship for Guan Yin Pusa (Bodhisattva) started as early as within the 1st century BC. By mid-Seventh century the Guan Yin perception reached Korea and Japan whereas it additionally reached Tibet by way of Nepal. Possibly the story of how Guan Yin reached China is by no means unfamiliar to us, however maybe unaware to most individuals.

In addition to being Buddha’s birthplace, Nepal is the place Guan Yin worship prevails. However how did Guan Yin come to Kathmandu ? and the place from have been Nepal’s 108 Lokesvaras?

The story was shared by the Former Deputy Director of Nepal’s Nationwide Bureau of Archeology Prof. Shresth; An extended, very long time in the past, Nepal as soon as endured 12 years with no rainfalls, individuals didn’t have meals to eat, so Guan Yin got here to Kathmandu to rescue the sentient beings with sufficient rainfall. Drought and famine have been resolved and Guan Yin turned often called Karunamaya. The prefix Karuna means compassion, and the suffix Maya means all over the place.

Prof. Shrestha guided the TV digicam crew and stated, that the Licchavi dynasty which was Nepal’s first documented dynasty, roughly between 5 – 9 centuries, recorded that Guan Yin was in Kathmandu. After adjustments of dynasties, cultural mixing, and combination, resulted in reworking Buddhist Bodhisattvas into Hindu deities, Guan Yin made no exception. Let’s take a look at the living proof, Lokesvara morphed right here to take up the transformation of Machhendranath as an emanation of Shiva in Hinduism, Why? Please keep tuned for extra….

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