Element Materials Technology Provides Testing, Inspection and Certification Services For a Diverse Range of Products and Technologies


Element Materials Technology is a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services for products in advanced industrial supply chains where failure in use cannot be tolerated. From their global network of laboratories, their scientists, engineers, and technologists work side-by-side with their customers from initial R&D through complex regulatory approvals into production to ensure their products are safe and suitable.

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Aerospace manufacturers require a reliable partner to support their ongoing product development and manufacturing activities, which is why Aerospace Primes and their supply chain partners rely on Element for materials and product qualification testing, inspection, advisory services as well as material selection/application advice, prototyping/qualification services certification/failure analyses. Their network of 200 laboratories across 30 countries gives customers access to expansive capabilities with profound insight.

Sheffield Magna Way Laboratory, situated near the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID), provides an array of chemical, mechanical, and nondestructive testing services, such as static, dynamic fatigue fracture toughness creep testing. Furthermore, this lab offers metallurgical testing services, full machine shop capabilities with CNC machining, sample heat treatment capacity, and mechanical force calibration services – and holds Nadcap and UKAS accreditations along with numerous Aerospace OEM approvals.

Aerospace components are increasingly constructed from complex, high-performance materials like Ceramic Matrix Composites and Polymer Matrix Composites – demanding innovative test methods to assess their performance. Element’s Engaged Experts across the UK and globally are leading by example by introducing next-generation testing techniques into their service offering to meet industry requirements.

Element’s laboratories utilize an array of tests to measure the hardness of materials and products, from micro-indentation tests to macro-indentation tests, impact testing with cushioning measurements, and measuring g-forces to determine dynamic impacts – providing vital insight into whether aerospace components meet their intended purpose in their end applications.

Contract friction welding services provided by these laboratories can also help Aerospace manufacturers improve efficiency and lower costs while upholding quality standards in production processes. They may use on-site or in-house services according to project needs.


Element works with customers in the energy sector across their supply chains to ensure that the materials and products they use – from building insulation and thermal performance field measurements through power tools, automotive, battery cell/module testing, and more – meet industry requirements safely, flexibly, and responsibly. From early R&D through complex regulatory approvals processes into production, ensuring market access for our client’s products.

Oil and gas businesses operate under some of the harshest environments imaginable, with high operating pressures and temperature extremes a daily reality. Coatings play an integral role in protecting equipment, facilities and personnel against corrosion, wear and tear, and other forms of damage; their ability to endure these conditions is essential to industry success. Our global network of coatings laboratories provides mechanical testing, chemical analysis, material characterization analysis, and failure analysis in support of this industry sector.

As the global shift towards renewable and sustainable energy sources gathers pace, companies in the industry are investing heavily in research and development (R&D) to find innovative technologies that offer cleaner, cost-effective ways of sourcing, transporting, and storing power. New solutions utilize various materials to meet this need, with one’s performance considered essential.

Element boasts an unparalleled global reach and offers a comprehensive suite of physical and chemical test services for the metals and polymers in today’s energy sector. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories can perform mechanical, corrosion, and chemical failure analysis and coating inspection certification testing services for these materials.

Construction industry projects demand high-quality products that can withstand the environmental stresses in which they will be placed. From environmental simulation of building insulation, accelerated weathering testing, and thermal imaging analysis to solar performance testing services – our experts ensure your products are ready for action!


Transportation industries rely heavily on various components and materials used for multiple applications. Element’s experienced team can evaluate these materials to ensure they conform to industry standards and are suitable for their intended purposes.

Element uses cutting-edge testing equipment to accurately characterize cast, forge, and additive manufactured products and components, from aerospace engine components to implantable medical devices. Their services help manufacturers design more fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition, Element offers performance tests on batteries and electrical systems to meet industry standards and government approvals.

Laboratory facilities throughout the United States and Europe boast cutting-edge testing equipment and an experienced global community ready to tackle even your most rigid materials, components, and product challenges. Testing services include dimensions testing; corrosion, electrical, fatigue, impact, vibration, and environmental tests; and destructive battery testing to assess quality and integrity.

Experts at this company offer more than specialized testing; they are also skilled in design process management, regulatory compliance, and supply chain management. Consulting services to improve manufacturing operations can also be provided to optimize their effectiveness and gain a competitive edge. Lastly, this company can reduce operational expenses while increasing productivity through expedited product introduction.

Element’s scientific solutions help customers navigate every stage of product development, from early R&D through complex regulatory approvals to production, to ensure safe and sustainable products are manufactured. Global team. Extensive expertise across materials and industries such as aerospace & defense, oil & gas, automotive transportation & energy. Consulting, modeling and simulation, remote witnessing, nondestructive testing (NDT), radiographic particle inspections, calibration services, sustainable monitoring, and development are just a few services this company provides to help your organization enhance the quality of its products, comply with regulatory requirements and gain access to global markets.


Element Materials Technology is a premier provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification services to customers operating in highly demanding, regulated and knowledge-based sectors where failure cannot be tolerated. Their experts specialize in characterizing cast, forged, and additively manufactured materials across industries such as Aerospace engine components, power generation, transportation energy storage solutions, and the built environment.

Element’s laboratories offer comprehensive mechanical, chemical, and metallurgical testing services for metallic and polymeric components and manufacturers. Testing procedures may include tension/compression/fatigue tests, corrosion tests, wear-and-erosion/wear-and-erosion analyses, and fracture mechanics analyses.

With years of industry expertise, Element’s laboratory team can guide you through the complex process of attaining ISO 17065 product certification for electronic, electrical, and mechanical products that will meet global market compliance across 167 countries.

Given the rapid expansion of consumer wearables that monitor vital sign data, medical device manufacturers are quickly adapting their devices to incorporate sensors to enhance patient outcomes and lower costs. Element has recently acquired Clinimark to facilitate this effort and provide clinical FDA validation testing of two vital signs: pulse oximetry and blood pressure.

Element’s Telecommunications Labs has over five decades of experience and can assist your wireless product with all necessary testing requirements for launch to market. Be it a chip, antenna, or device used to stream live video content – we possess all the expertise required to test all key parameters, such as thermal performance, flammability, durability, and interface pressure mapping. Plus, we will help obtain FCC CE RoHS approvals!