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Earth globe in Vedic tradition (Bhugola in Hinduism)


On this video I present info and quotes supporting the notion that the traditional Vedic sadhus (holy individuals) knew that the Earth is a globe, predating the Greeks. Some sources I quote are comparatively newer, however I argue that the Vedic tradition as an entire has accommodated bhugola (earth globe) since time immemorial.
I’ve linked this presentation with a few of my different ones on Vedic astronomy (similar to astronomy of the Bhagavat Purana and Invisible Realms within the Vedic Universe). Notably, the Bhagavat Purana describes bhumandala, (‘earth disc’), which is four billion miles in diametre. Nevertheless that doesn’t confer with the a lot smaller earth globe that we’re acquainted with. Moderately, bhumandala is one thing on the size of our photo voltaic system and was thought to be earth or the earth system by very historical celestial rulers who’s energy and imaginative and prescient far outweighs individuals of in the present day.


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