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Divinity Half 10: Refuting Hinduism,Sikhism and Jainism


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How do you expose a faith

Hinduism is just not a homogeneous, organized system.
Hinduism describes the loosely related faiths, philosophies, and methods of residing that originated in India over the past 4 thousand years

Hindu literature doesn’t level to wards one explicit, definitive path like in some religions. The literature is like an encyclopedia which simply offers data with out taking sides.

Like Jesus , A Hindu god was born because the “son of man” at Ambadi amongst cowherds.

Karma and Samsara

Karma is the sum of an individual’s actions all through samsara, or the cycle of delivery and rebirth.

Moksha is the specified liberation from samsara.

Origins of Yoga

Two primary branches of yoga exist inside Hinduism. One of the best recognized is

hatha yoga, the bodily postures of that are utilized in most Western yoga lessons.
Custom holds that A sure Hindu god created this type of yoga ( so your training a ritual that was composed by avoda zara)

. The lesser-known raja yoga focuses extra on controlling the thoughts for meditation and non secular enlightenment than on bodily actions.

Can a jew follow Yoga?
Ritual Bindi ( Pink Dot)

cow worship
the cow is honored at the very least annually, on Gopastami. On this “Cow Vacation,”
cows are washed and adorned within the temple and given choices within the hope that her presents of life will proceed.

drink cow urine saying it may be the very best medication

– no origin
– how did they know all this divine powers?
Hinduism is exclusive in that it’s not a single faith however a compilation of many traditions and philosophies.

The issue of defining Hinduism was summed up in an Indian Excessive Courtroom ruling in 1995:

“… the Hindu faith doesn’t declare anybody prophet; it doesn’t worship anybody god; it doesn’t subscribe to anybody dogma (Philosophy); it doesn’t imagine in anybody philosophic idea; it doesn’t comply with anybody set of non secular rites or performances; in actual fact, it doesn’t seem to fulfill the slim conventional options of any faith or creed. It could broadly be described as a lifestyle and nothing extra.”

Bnei Menashe in India

Mohandas Gandhi – the twisted racist

Its founding trainer, Guru Nanak Dev, or Guru Nanak(Na- Na- Ak) (20 October 1469 – 7 Might 1539) was born in 1469 in Punjab Province in India close to current day Pakistan to a Hindu household. His most well-known saying was, “There isn’t any Hindu, there isn’t a Muslim

Mixed parts of Hinduism and Islam in its beliefs, practices, and traditions.

Guru Granth Sahib

the Guru Granth Sahib is the everlasting residing guru handled with rituals of respect just like how individuals of different faiths deal with an idol or statue or picture

God took a kind 1 (bhaat keerat Ji – Ang 1395) and God is seen because the Guru2

God has positioned himself throughout the true Guru ( Guru Nanak Dev Ju Ang 466)

Take into account Guru good and can’t make errors, everybody makes errors solely the guru and creator are infallible ( Guru Nanak Dev Ji – Ang 61)

Let nobody suppose that God and Guru are separate. The True Guru is the Immaculate Lord. Don’t imagine that He’s a mere human being; He offers honour to the dishonoured. ||2||”
(Ang 895)

“ Gurus had been far above the angels”.
claims not a prophet however God Upon Earth.

“Those that meditate on the Good Guru, the Lord-Incarnate-1they are judged true within the Courtroom of the Lord.”
Guru Arjan Dev -2

“O Nanak, serve the Guru, the Lord Incarnate3; the Blessed Imaginative and prescient of His Darshan is worthwhile, and in the long run, you shall not be referred to as to account”. ||2||
Guru Ram Das

They reply:

Guru was not God however one with God as per their textual content state

Nevertheless they clearly stat Guru was The Lord Incarnate( which means A God in Human Kind) (in Guru Granth Sahib Web page 306 )

in addition they point out the Hindu Gods in textual content (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 227) however they dont worship them

Relating to the Dasam Granth, the second scripture of Sikhs written by the 10th Guru Gobind Singh, there may be a lot controversy amongst Sikh students relating to its authorship.There are additionally references within the textual content to a number of Hindu gods included in such compositions because the Chandi di Var of the fifth chapter of the textual content.2This has led to the textual content being described as having “fluid boundaries between polytheism and monotheism.”

to transform he would wash his ft and you would need to drink the foot water


–There are not any prophesy’s in sikhism

they declare:1

The Guru’s rejected the usage of miracles and prophecies to win converts. They insisted that the message ought to communicate for itself.

(sure as a result of he isnt divine is likely to be a very good cause)

Jains imagine that their custom doesn’t have a historic founder – Historians beg to Differ

fasting to dying

Each Buddhism and Jainism are extra atheistic religions.

There may be ZERO proof for this to be any kind of divine faith


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