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Divine Assortment of Sanskrit Hymns and Bhajans on Sri Krishna – "Nandanandana Muralidhara Yadhava"


Sri Vidya Rajagopalan (Sri Krishna as Cowherd) Seva together with Sri Rukmini – Satyabhama at My Residence Thirumaligai (Sanctum). Right here Sri Krishna is seen together with his Cow and Calves and his Whip. Accompanying Sanskrit Hymns and Bhajan is rendered in by. Sri. O.S. Arun.

The Thirumaligai hosts Sriman Narayana together with his Consorts Sridevi-Bhudevi, Sri Mahalakshmi , Sri Yoga Narasimha, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Dolai Kannan (Bala Krishna), Sri Aandal, Sri Ram Parivar, Sri Ramanuja , Sri Manavalamamuni & Sri Satyanarayanaswamy. All Alangarams, Each day rituals (Thenkalai Nithyanusandhanam Sampradaya) and Kainkariyams are carried out for the Lord together with all auspicious occasions. Panchaparva Seva & Thirumanjanam (Holy Bathtub) is carried out on Ekadesi, Amavasya, Purnima and when Revathi Star is in Ascendence.

Among the many a number of types of devotion in Hinduism, probably one of the vital straightforward is that of loving him as if he’s your child. This devotional hymn on Lord Krishna follows that method. Lord Krishna is meant to sleep on a leaf of a banyan tree and float on the surging waters of ultimate deluge. He’s supposed to carry his toes by his hand and put his toe in to his mouth. This hymn in its first stanza brings this picture of Lord Krishna after which goes on to explain the adventures of this God Little one as a child. The primary stanza of this nice prayer additionally happens in Sri Krishna Karnamrutha, an important ebook by a poet referred to as Leela Shuka aka Bilwamangala Thakur. It’s not recognized whether or not he’s the creator of this prayer additionally. (Supply: P.R. Ramacander)

A story from the Bhagavata Purana states that when the earth was about to be engulfed by water, Markandeya prayed to Vishnu to rescue him. Vishnu appeared within the kind of a kid floating on a leaf, and declared to the sage that he was Time and Demise. He requested the sage to enter into his mouth and save himself from the surging water. Contained in the boy’s abdomen Markandeya found all of the worlds, the seven areas and the seven oceans. The mountains and the kingdoms have been all there. So have been all dwelling beings. Markandeya didn’t know what to make of all this. He began to hope to Vishnu. No sooner had he began, than he got here out of the boy’s mouth. Vishnu now appeared earlier than him and blessed him. The sage spent a thousand years with Vishnu. He composed the Bala mukundashtakam at this second.

The creator of Sri Krishna Karnamrutham is Bilwamangala Thakur. He was a recent of Swami Desikan (AD 1268-1369). Since he described with nice pleasure the leelas of Krishna like Sukha Brahmam, the creator of Bhagavata Purana, he got here to be often called Leela Shuka. Leelasuka belonged to a saivite household by custom. However he grew to become a devotee of Krishna. Therefore he refers to his conventional background by saying that he wears the toes of Lord Siva on his head. He belongs to the custom of nice devotees of Krishna of Kerala corresponding to Narayana Bhattadhiri, the creator of Sri NarayaNeeyam, Poonthaanam and Vasudeva Namboodiri and different nice students of Dasama skhandham of Bhagavata Purana.

The shrine in Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu devoted to Sri Vidya Rajagopalan, is an unlimited temple complicated with a 1000 12 months previous historical past. Known as Dakshina Dwaraka and as Champakaranyam, this temple is positioned within the city of Mannargudi, and is nicely linked by rail and street to Thanjavur, Kumbhakonam, Tiruvarur and different cities within the erstwhile Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu India. The innermost sanctum right here a couple of thousand years previous though the primary stone construction right here was constructed solely through the reign of Kulottunga Chola I (1113 AD); this temple can also be known as Kulottunga Chola Vinnagaram. Many of the outer buildings date again to the later Vijayanagara interval marked by a spate of temple building tasks in Tamilnadu. The sanctum of this huge temple enshrines a 7 toes excessive picture of Vaasudeva together with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhoodevi, and the competition pictures of Sree Vidya Rajagopala, his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama, and a picture of Santanagopalakrishna. The Sree Vidya Yantram within the sanctum is of significance right here. Not one of the Alwars have sung of the glory of this shrine, as this temple got here into existence solely at a later date. Nevertheless, Manavala Maamuni has sung praises of this temple; so has Muthuswamy Deekshitar (18th century)- one of many revered composers within the Karnatic Music idiom. Oothukkaadu Venkatasubbaier, (who preceded the Carnatic Music trinity), one other composer within the Carnatic Music idiom made Rajagopala (Krishna) of Mannargudi the middle of the multitude of his compositions (as did Jayadeva with Jagannath of Puri, in his Geetagovindam).


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