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What precisely occurs after dying in response to Hindu scriptures? | మరణం తర్వాత ఏం జరుగుతుంది? మనిషి చనిపోతాడని కుక్కకు ముందే తెలుస్తుందా? | M Planet Leaf (MPL) Movies Unique…




What precisely occurs after dying in response to Hinduism?

Journey of dying: What occurs after we die?

Why are there 13 days after dying?

How does rebirth occur?

After dying? These sorts of associated questions all the time fill our thoughts, particularly when any of our close to or pricey ones die. We really feel abruptly some relationship has damaged abruptly and need there could possibly be a connection once more. On this quest, our journey to seek out solutions to the above questions begins.

*So, what occurs after dying?*

The prime query in our minds *‘ What occurs after dying?’* it is truly a really attention-grabbing course of. Individuals really feel dying is painful and the journey publish is horrifying, the place will I’m going ‘ heaven or hell’. Learn on to know precisely What occurs after dying.

*Disconnection of the earth sole chakras*

Roughly 4-5 hours earlier than dying, the earth sole chakras located under the foot soles get indifferent, symbolizing disconnection from the earth aircraft. Therefore, if you happen to discover all the time earlier than an individual is about to die, some hours earlier than that you will see that his toes chilly. Later when the precise time to depart comes, it is stated that Yama, the God of dying comes to remove the individual.

*The Astral Wire*

Truly, it simply cuts the astral wire, which is the wire connecting the soul to the physique. As soon as this wire is lower the soul turns into freed from the physique and strikes up and out of the physique. As a soul all the time loves the physique it held, it will get within the physique again and tries very exhausting to maneuver it and keep in it. For those who will need to have seen there’s generally a really delicate, slight motion of the face, hand even after the individual has died, it is truly the soul making an attempt to get in as a result of it could possibly’t consider its lifeless. There may be nonetheless a sense of aliveness. However simply because the astral wire has been lower, it can’t keep there and is pushed upwards and out of the physique. There’s a pull from above, *a magnetic pull to go up.*

*Finish of the bodily physique*

At this stage, the soul hears many voices, all at a time. These are nothing however the ideas of these current within the room. The soul on its half talks to his family members like he used to do and shouts I’m not lifeless, however alas it can’t be heard. Slowly and steadily the soul realizes that it is lifeless and there’s no means again, then it reaches to approx 12 toes. i.e the peak of the ceiling and sees and hears every part occurring. Usually, it will likely be there across the physique till it’s cremated. So, subsequent time if you happen to see a physique being carried for cremation, be told *the soul can be a part of the procession seeing, listening to and witnessing every part and everybody.*

*Detachment from the physique*

As soon as the cremation is completed, the soul is full of the idea that the principle essence of its survival on earth is misplaced, the physique it held for thus a few years has dissolved within the 5 parts. The soul experiences full freedom, the boundaries it had whereas being within the physique are gone, it could possibly simply attain anyplace by mere thought. For 7 days the soul, strikes about its locations of curiosity like its favourite joint, morning stroll backyard, workplace, and so on..If the soul is possessive of his cash ,it would simply keep close to his cabinet, or if he’s possessive of his kids, it would simply be of their room, clinging on to them. By the top of the seventh day, the soul says bye to his household and strikes nonetheless upwards to the periphery of the earth aircraft to cross over to the opposite aspect.

*The Tunnel*

It is stated that there’s a huge tunnel right here which it has to cross earlier than reaching the astral aircraft. Therefore it is stated these 12 days are extraordinarily essential, *now we have to hold out the rituals correctly and pray and ask forgiveness from the soul* in order that it doesn’t carry these unfavorable feelings like hurts, hatred, anger, and so on not less than from the close to and pricey ones. I like to recommend doing a hooponopono (an historic Hawaiian follow of reconciliation and forgiveness) for 15 minutes day by day for 21 days from the day of dying. *All these rituals, prayers act like meals for the soul which assist it in its onward journey.* On the finish of the tunnel, it sees an enormous shiny mild signifying the entry within the astral world.

*Assembly the Ancestors*

Because the embodied soul constantly passes, on this physique, from boyhood to youth, after which to outdated age, the soul equally passes into one other physique at dying. A sober individual shouldn’t be bewildered by such a change.”

(Bhagavad-gita 2.13)

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