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Dharma as Hindus see it || Mahabharata (Bengali) 2 by Swami Samarpanananda


Dharma means the lifestyle. Hindus dedicate their life to the practise of dharma in all its hues. This speak introduces the massive dialogue on the subject which is the central theme of this nice epic.
Mahabharata is the most important epic of the world, composed by Vyasa in 100 thousand verses. It’s encyclopaedic in nature, containing the historic, social, cultural, ethical, spiritual and religious report of the then India. It incorporates each sort of literature obtainable in India: itihasa, puranas, akhyana, kavya, Dharmashastra, artha shastra, Niti shastra, and moksha shastra and so forth. Rightly it has been stated — Yad iha asti tad anyatra, yad nehasti na tat kva chit, in issues of dharma, artha, kama, and moksha , no matter is right here, could be seen elsewhere; what will not be right here, doesn’t exist anyplace else.
It’s primarily a piece of synthesis through which totally different religions, philosophies, habits, ideas, codes, and every thing that one can consider has been woven right into a symphony. What Ramayana did for Hindu spiritual emotions, Mahabharata did the identical for the moral and ethical facets of the Hindu persona.
The elemental instructing of Mahabharata is that human weaknesses shall be there, however one has to outgrow them or else perish. Right here, the dialogue on dharma (righteousness, obligation, morality) is in its entirety. From time to time the work returns to this problem.
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