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Sadhguru visits the world-famous ruins of Delphi in Greece, and finds tell-tale indicators that present its historic Indian connection. Throughout a quick tour of the temple, he explains the way it was consecrated in three chakras by yogis hundreds of years in the past.



Sadhguru: One thing very highly effective sat right here. Lengthy very long time in the past. Nonetheless the earth continues to be wealthy with that.

Naagendra Haaraya, Trilochanaaya
Bhasmaanga Raghaaya, Maheshwaraaya
Nityaaya Shudhaaya, Digambaraaya
Tasmai Nakaaraya, Namah Shivaaya
Tasmai Nakaaraya, Namah Shivaaya

I’m not the primary one to do that right here.

Speaker: Mhmmm

Sadhguru: There are three chakras. One is the navel. The opposite two are the supporting chakras of Muladhaara and Swadhistana, which is a incredible manner of doing it. That’s how we’ve finished the Bhairvai however in a single kind. Right here they constructed like a temple. There are locations like this in south India, not this grand however comparable system of temples the place you construct chakras. If it’s important to do a composite type of all three or all seven, it’s a a lot larger problem however to determine individually like that is a lot simpler. So whoever got here right here to consecrate they’re of a sure form

I’m pondering, one little factor on prime of the mountain. It’s doable.

In the event that they go into it like this, it’s very a lot doable, in any other case they might have had a roof right here and one thing on prime of the roof which individuals don’t strategy, that’s the eighth dimension. For those who put up the eighth dimension a whole course of. Likely it’s both in these columns or proper on prime of the mountain.

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