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In these video collection, UK based mostly quantum physicist and Hindu communicator, Jay Lakhani, connects the dots between science and historic Hindu beliefs. He reveals how the Hindu religion stems from a deep sense of spirituality. The collection is supposed to demystify Hindu philosophy by giving simple to digest data with relatable examples. He reveals how Hinduism shouldn’t be actually a faith however extra like a treatise on life.

The collection is split into numerous matters coping with science, creation, ideas akin to maya, atman, brahman and likewise insights into Hindu Gods, goddesses, avatars, rituals, customs and the problem of struggling. Mr Lakhani provides a up to date and complete model that aligns with rational considering.

Jetsynthesys is a digital media firm fashioned with the aim of enriching the lives of all Indians. Devotions performs a big position in how Indians lead their lives. That is why the organisation has created numerous platforms to deal with religious thoughts

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