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Widespread Beliefs and Practices of Hinduism: A Documentary Video on Hinduism 2019


Let’s enlighten ourselves from the core philosophies of Hinduism. This audio and visible presentation is on frequent beliefs and practices of Hinduism. It contains histories of Hinduism, its beliefs in Karma, Reincarnation and ‘Moksha’ which suggests liberation of soul to unite with the God.

This video is directed and composed by Banani Roy, School College of Saskatchewan.
Script is written by Banani Roy and Saikat Mondal.
Digital camera work is finished by our common photographer of Saskatoon Pleasure chakroborti together with Avijit Bhattcharjee.
Acknowledgment: Rajib Podder and Paromita Sengupta.
Voice: Banani Roy and Kinsuk Sarker.


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