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Rooster Pox: Mata giving the virus of Chickenpox: Myths Demystified


Jai Gurudev, Maa I had hen pox twice in life time on the age of 33. Please give me mild of data about this virus. Why do folks have twice or extra time of their life time. First my four 12 months daughter had after which I had this. I needed to know why folks say it’s MATA. If MATA provides this virus why it’s that? Typically I get afraid of Maa, that if she will get indignant then one might get this virus. Please recommendation. I feel guru is every thing. Guru is my maa, please reply my query maa and provides me pointers about chickenpox. Aum Pratibha Arya Pratibha Arya, please get up we’re in 21st century and all these mumbo-jumbo which is unfold by these ignoramus folks is simply false. Mata doesnt give virus to anybody. Mata isn’t a virus, Mata is a Devi, Mata is a Shakti, it’s a energy, it’s Jiwani shakti, the immunity with which you come out of all illnesses, it’s the Shakti with which your physique is functioning and your physique is in fixed course of of creating & remaking cells & tissues in your physique.
Please dont hearken to all these fools who think about chickenpox as a Mata. Chickenpox isn’t a Mata. I find out about it, I bear in mind really in my childhood, as soon as I obtained this chickenpox and my mom took me to the temple, she provided the black gram & Gur (Jaggary), and crimson Chunee to Mata and she or he made us little youngsters pray Mata that Mata please go away.
And I used to be actually bewildered about this as I had heard, about calling Mata to come back to our houses & hearts however by no means asking her to go away. Properly, whether it is Mata then let her stick with us & I couldnt perceive at the moment as I used to be hardly six or seven years previous. However that is what even I’ve heard many-many instances from many individuals and it’s simply silly; I can solely say this a lot.
Please take excellent care of your self & could also be you simply have to make your immunity stronger. So have extra Amla powder, grind the Amla at your property. Have extra Amla, drink good nutritious drinks, eat good nutritious meals, do Yoga Asana and make your physique sturdy. No virus will ever damage you.


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