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Chapter 13 – Hinduism – The importance of Astronomy and Astrology


This chapter on Hinduism explains the deep connection of Hindu faith with Astronomy and Astrology and the influence of planetary and star positions on human life. All festivals in Hinduism are related to the astronomical ideas of photo voltaic and lunar system of months. Additional the chapter goes in to the Hindu discovery of Kepler’s regulation of planetary movement 1000’s of years in the past. Basically, Astronomy and Astrology have had a significant influence within the Hindu way of life over 1000’s of years.

•Astronomy and Astrology are deeply related with Hindu faith.
•The Hindus had detailed information of the movement of solar, moon, planets of the photo voltaic system within the galaxy and the celebs contained within the galaxy (information of Astronomy).They additional had the information of the consequences of those motions on the lives of human beings (information of Astrology).
•They outlined the planets in addition to homes during which they have been positioned as accountable (Karakas) for varied features of life and relying on the strengths/ weak spot of the planets or the positions, advocated varied Pujas/ Homas to be performed or varied stones to be worn to realize prosperity and overcome obstacles.
•Hindus believed that the place of the ascending signal on the time of start, solar, moon, and the planets on the time of start and at totally different factors of time on account of their movement have an affect on varied features of lifetime of the human beings.
•The Hindu calendar follows the motion of solar (Sauramaana) or moon (Chandramaana). Within the photo voltaic based mostly calendar yearly begins from the time the solar enters the primary level of Aries and ends when the solar leaves the final level of Pisces. Each month begins from the time solar enters every zodiacal signal (Raashi) and ends on the time when it leaves that signal. Thus the whole calendar is predicated on actual instances and never based mostly on any approximations.
•Within the Lunar based mostly calendar, each month is from one new moon to the subsequent new moon and the shortfall between the lunar month and the photo voltaic actions is adjusted by one additional month in each 2.7 years.
•Additional the Hindus have been conscious that the earth revolved across the solar in an elliptical path. In English astronomy there’s a principle referred to as Kepler’s legal guidelines of planetary movement which states that in its path across the solar every planet traverses equal space in equal interval of time. This implies when the earth is nearest to the solar (perigee) it can journey 30 levels (one Raashi) in much less time in comparison with the time taken to journey the identical 30 levels when it’s farthest to the solar (apogee). If we see the Indian photo voltaic calendar the months close to January (perigee) are round 28/29 days and months close to July(apogee) are 31/32 days. Thus it is rather clear that the Hindus have been conscious of the legal guidelines referring to planetary movement even 1000’s of years again.
•All Hindu festivals are associated to astronomical motion of solar and moon; new moon, full moon, solar coming into a selected zodiacal signal, solar beginning its northwardly or southwardly movement and so on and so on.
•In Hindu Astrology, there are 12 zodiacal indicators (Raashis), 27 main stars (Nakshatras) and 9 planets (7 precise planets and a couple of shadow planets (Chaya grahas) representing the factors of intersection of the paths of the Solar and the Moon as they journey within the celestial sphere).

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