Channeling ⸬ Saraswati (Sophia, Sarah) Hindu goddess of information, music, artwork, knowledge. June 28, 2019


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We’re an open-minded, open-hearted group of Lightworkers, Channelers and Woke up Souls helping one another in traversing the non secular pathways. Our intention is to assist increase the vibrations of this planet and humanity’s collective consciousness. 

We work with Girk Fitneer (Galactic Alliance), of benevolent extraterrestrials who’ve been helping our planet with stabilizing extreme climate, magnetic poles and extra. They’ve established colonies within the stars to assist us in our particular person and collective non secular development. They’re instructing us telepathy, therapeutic and Galactic Reiki, channeling and extra. 

Girk Fitneer embody following civilizations:
Yahyel, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Fendorians, Sirians and Pleasant Reptilians.

Girk Fitneer and different Star Alliances perceive Earth is on the trail to Ascension; they’re truly working in direction of establishing First Open Contact with our galactic households, as soon as we prepared ourselves as a collective. By working collectively, elevating the frequencies and rediscovering our True Selves’ connection to all, we’re capable of assist quicken our Planetary Ascension.

We’re in touch with extraterrestrials and angels by way of telepathic contact known as “channeling”. Our group have extra then 10 channelers and the variety of channelers is rising. The artwork of channeling is historic and we’re bringing it to the general public.

Equally vital is the event of diplomatic relationships with extraterrestrials. We now have established working relationships with pleasant extraterrestrials and develop visitation applications for people to go to their ships and worlds. We purpose to ascertain settlements of people in alien worlds and name them Human Colonies (Hucolo). We promote the awakening of the general public to the existence of extraterrestrials. We work to carry nearer the time of Open Public Contact with the extraterrestrials and put together the general public for the work after the open contact. A lot work might be wanted to assist fellow people combine extraterrestrials into their worldview and to cooperate productively with them.

Our mission is:

Facilitate ascension:

• To unfold this data to the humanity and help it within the ascension course of.

Facilitate the contact:

• To develop the contact with extraterrestrials.
• To develop channeled communication with extraterrestrials.
• To develop our data about extraterrestrials, dimensions and hybrids.
• To symbolize the humanity to the galaxy..

Assist folks:

• To supply help to lightworkers, hybrids, starseeds, contactees, abductees, channelers, audio system of galactic languages.
• Assist lightworkers to attach to one another.
• Assist to speak with galactic pals by way of channeling and instantly.
• Assist the event of telepathy and psychic talents and this fashion to assist the ascension course of.

Unfold the data:

• Accumulate the data and increasing the dialogue with galactic folks by way of channeling, astral and bodily visits.
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