Caste and Hinduism Defined

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The difficulty of Caste is the commonest critique of Hinduism. The injustice of various sections of society has been used to color Santhana Dharma as an historical evil cult.
However how a lot of this may be actually pinned on non secular concepts and the way a lot is nearly centuries of social growth?
This video truthfully explores and explains the origins of caste inside Hindu scripture and tradition, and the way these concepts have been developed and misused. It additionally outlines the opposite various factors which have allowed beginning based mostly discrimination to flourish in India.
Lastly it paints the best way ahead explaining that Hinduism, not like different religions, has the philosophy to simply transcend previous concepts and transfer with the occasions. Because of this Sanathana Dharma is a convention that may not solely survive caste however thrive with out it, particularly in a contemporary context.


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