Buying Used Gym Equipment


In my home exercise space, I have a combination of equipment that has been purchased new and used, and I have my homemade products as well. Finding what I needed to be used as a challenge, so I would have to purchase it fresh, but that can get high-priced. If you are considering buying a made use of the equipment, and you should be mainly because quality equipment doesn’t need replacing, you can find great deals with any type of fitness equipment.

Local sporting goods products store

If you want new (sometimes cheaply made) equipment, the sporting goods store is often one way to search. At least you won’t have to pay positive aspects shipping rates charged using online sellers, and you can test the equipment out, but you will still have to pay sales tax. Just one retail store is Play The item Again Sports. They quickly sell used equipment at, to some degree, discounted prices, but you still fork out sales tax.

But why obtain new? Why pay a high price for exercise equipment at an outlet when you can buy used devices used a few times by someone?

Plenty of new weight lifting equipment has good intentions of taking you, but it eventually ends up being used as an expensive apparel rack. Wait until they put this hardly used equipment on the block, then you won’t pay transport or sales tax.

Newspaper classifieds/Garage Sales

I take the time just about every Sunday morning to read my local classifieds. From time to time, I run across a great deal. You could call the seller and ask about issues before driving over to think about it. You can even place a sought ad for the piece of equipment you want.

I used to go to gross garage sales and hope I would get a deal, but with gas selling prices what they are, I’d instead run through the classifieds and call previous to waste my gas money.


There are plenty of great deals on eBay to get buyers and sellers. But once again, having heavy weights and equipment, substantial shipping charges come into have fun with. Occasionally you’ll find a GREAT deal. I acquired a new Body Solid GLPH 1100 leg Press/hack outrage machine from a seller on eBay.

We have Soloflex and standard excess weight plates on eBay for a local buyer. See if you will find a local auction and offer to select it.

Frequently gyms may upgrade all their commercial top-quality weight lifting equipment, and a work-at-home auction is an excellent way for those to sell their current products quickly.


Q: How will you beat an online classified website that allows free ads and photos to be submitted?

A: You can’t!

I found a great advertisement on craigslist that will read: 45lb Olympic china for $20 each, which is what the entire ad mentioned. Turned out it was a commercial health club closing, and everything was for sale! Unfortunately, I had previously purchased most of my products; all I needed were more essential plates. I got 187lbs regarding rubber coated, Olympic holds solid body plates, and a dip belt for $22.99! The seller even offered to offer the 45’s for $15 each. I didn’t have to negotiate (making bargains like this, no wonder his or her gym was closing).

A significant factor about craigslist is that you must act quickly when you are a deal. The site gets plenty of targeted visitors, and good deals go speedily. When you place an item with craigslist, it takes about fifteen minutes to show up on the positioning. If you want to buy, just keep your window open and rekindle it every five to a few minutes. If you get fortuitous, the deal of a lifetime can show up.

Some deals are excellent, and if you have supplemental income lying around and know what a service is worth, you could make income with craigslist. There is always a reliable supply and demand for all fitness equipment. Much of the buying and selling activity is timing.

There’s an enchanting buyers market from Feb . through June every year. The newest Year revolutionists, whose target was to lift weights and get matched, find out it takes real performance to do this. They often give up promoting their brand-new equipment at an excellent price just to get it off the house.

So you buy this specific “new” equipment and keep hold of it until the magical vendors market comes around to keep away from it when a new batch of resolutionists buy digital cameras.

Sort of like the circle regarding life for fitness equipment.

We have even heard that lifters have gotten free health club mirrors from Craigslist. What is a free section? You’d be pleasantly surprised about the number of things people hand out if you are willing to haul that off. Even weight training products often can be acquired for nothing.

Craigshelper is a website that searches craigslist metropolitan areas that you select. You can also contain results from eBay in this particular search. This is a convenient website for the search for products.

I found these tips on a community forum by poster deseee approach using Craigshelper. Com:

– Point your browser to help craigshelper. Com is not my site I just (ab)use the item.

2 . Under “where to help search,” select your State/Area and a few cities near you, as well as if you are willing to take a trip for the right deal.

Three or more. Under “Search Options” “Category,” choose “Sale/Wanted,” “SubCategory” pick out “all sale/wanted” (you may choose “sporting goods” under subcategory, but I find a great deal of stuff listed in general in addition to free categories that you will otherwise not see) “Has Pictures” should be unchecked, “Search titles only” should be unscanned (really helps w/ storage area sale listings)

4. Within Keywords, enter what you would like and whether you want the item to “find all,” “any,” or “phrase.” My favorite seek is “any” with critical terms: Olympic trap hex dumb-bells dumbells, dumbbell dumbell, deadlift shrug curl gym tuff parody squat strength conditioning nautilus barbell loads weightlifting powerlifting Cybex

Five various. “Include results from ebay” should be unchecked (unless you wish them, but it’s slower), then click “Search Now.”

6. Bookmark the results website so you can repeat the seek later, and soon you’ll swim in craigslist finds out.

Take your time building your home workout center. The deals are in existence if you patiently wait for these individuals.

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