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#Buddha #Hinduism #Dharma Lord Buddha clear the misunderstanding of Brahma God (ब्रह्मा देव)


When the universe was born, the primary being who born is the Brahma beings and everytime the universe born, the Brahma being will all the time assume that oh, I want there needs to be different beings too. So later when the universe was in born course of and the people, decrease realms animals have been born then the Brahma will assume that oh, I feel from the ability of my thought these Sentient beings are born and this false impression will keep till he/She dies. So on this video it’s going to present us how the Buddha the enlightened one clear the misunderstanding of Brahma and exhibits the true nature of actuality which is impermanence. Additionally all of the phenomena are born from it is trigger and results which we are able to known as Karma.


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