Brief Char for Raiden Shogun and Her Build Guide


Raiden is a capable and adaptable on-field DPS who can benefit the rest of her team by applying Energy, buffs, and electro. She offers the opportunity to create an entire squad around her while not being as widely adaptable as the two archons before her, Zhongli and Venti. Key things to think about when deciding whether to build or pull for raiden shogun are:


  1. The universal battery can enable teammates to run lower ER or compensate for battery time lost due to their field time needs.
  2. Skill’s Burst DMG% bonus is always applied to the team.
  3. Able to work well with solid units like Bennett or Kazuha while being flexible with partners that could usually see less use, like Sara or Lisa.
  4. She is a potent DPS even from C0 because personal damage compressed into a short + simple buff uptime to her moral baseline.
  5. High-quality weapon options, including a potent F2P option and optional but valuable 5* upgrades.
  6. Early Constellations represent significant improvements.
  7. Burst attacks and first hits have a wide AoE, and the convenient chase can prevent DPS loss from chasing after knocked-back foes.
  8. Adequate off-field electro application for Superconduct or VV setups enabling units like Eula, and good on-field electro application for units like Xiangling or Kazuha to react with from off-field.
  9. She is a fantastic choice for beginning Hyperbloom due to her reliable, durable AoE off-field Electro application.
  10. If A4 + ESF + EL are employed, she can grow ER above and beyond what is necessary for personal comfort without suffering severe damage.


  1. Many other Elements already have strong battery units; Raiden may need to be an improvement for some comps.
  2. While in Burst, some units (Beidou & Electro Traveler) cannot be driven or use some buffers (Yun Jin), which limits synergy with one of the most excellent same-element units that would otherwise benefit immensely from her battering.
  3. Off-field damage is minimal and takes longer to charge and cause harm.
  4. Condensed damage profiles can result in circumstances where you overload an enemy and cannot recover Energy or when you are on the verge of killing an enemy but cannot do it without using up Bursts. This is fantastic for speedrunning but needs to be improved for the next chamber or multi-wave content.
  5. Personal damage may be less than other 5* on-field DPS characters, but team damage is increased by enhancing simplicity and synergy with potent off-field DPS characters.
  6. “The Catch” and ESF may be in high demand from other units.
  7. While fighting lighter foes, overload can cause knockback problems.
  8. For some machines, electro application can make forward vaporize configuration more complex.

Should You Pull Her Constellations?

The favorable Constellations of Raiden are focused in C1-3. Consider this before buying two or three more copies of Raiden to “max out” your collection:

Pulling for Raiden’s early Constellations is a cheaper buy for a different carrier’s maximum potential, but in terms of damage and without a change in gameplay. Raiden’s entire team damage at C0 is comparable to most other teams without 5-star Constellations and C3 with a C6 5-star team.

They merely result in speedier, precise times because they don’t alter the gameplay. Her Constellations will only do something for you beyond speed if you have the investment to clear content at C0.

It’s your money and your primos. But, be aware that there is no pressure to remove her Constellations to improve her as a unit. Regardless of Constellations, Raiden is a compelling character who can benefit your account immediately with some work.

Raiden with elemental Mastery?

Raiden’s capacity to cause Aggravate and Hyperbloom reactions has made Elemental Mastery a more helpful stat since the arrival of Dendro. However, how many of these reactions she can elicit will determine how valuable it is; in general, Raiden, in an on-field duty, should stick to traditional builds. Nonetheless, Elemental Mastery can become helpful if reactions can be triggered often, and the stat shouldn’t be considered useless if used in such teams.

Raiden may now more easily play the primarily off-field role of a Hyperbloom trigger. Hence it is advised to construct Raiden entirely around Elemental Mastery in teams with this playstyle.

ER requirement?

As it depends on your goals, there is no “right” response to this question., Raiden, as a unit, will value ER more than only as a requirement to cast her Elemental Burst because ER% translates into DMG% and Flat Energy for herself and her teammates. As a result, her ER might vary greatly depending on the weapon and sands selected.

In most teams with average Energy generation, she can typically battery herself even as a lone Electro with 200%+ ER. This is straightforward to obtain and has an excellent threshold of 20 Energy per Burst at TL10. However, engulfing Lightning frequently reaches 250%+ ER before receiving the additional ER from the passive because of its ER secondary stat and inclination to favor ER sands.

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