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Brahmans or Hindus misplaced the teachings of Abraham PBUH

Brahmans or Hindus misplaced the teachings of Abraham (PBUH). Since all prophets of God had been muslims together with Abraham (PBUH) which clearly implies that originally all Hindus had been muslims i.e. Youngsters of Abraham from Keturah however later Brahma putr (later descendents of Abraham) grew to become idolators. That is precisely much like what occurred to the kids of Ishmael after they adopted idolatory till the time of the Final Prophet and Messenger for All Mankind i.e. Muhammad (PBUH) which is talked about in nearly all hindu’s most sacred scriptures like Vedas puranas and so forth.. . Brahmans or hindus want to grasp that the Kalki Avtar (The final Prophet) they had been on the lookout for had come already. The final Camel driving Rishi they had been on the lookout for is Muhammad (PBUH) see additionally . It offers me reply to the query that why indian inhabitants is in billions whereas they weren’t youngsters of Abraham. Certainly I consider they had been youngsters of Abraham ruling the east nonetheless they should come again heading in the right direction of the faith of Abraham i.e. Islam


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