Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma – Sooryagayathri – 'Vande Guru Paramparaam'


Vande Guru Paramparaam – musical collection.
Music no: 2 – Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma…. (Kannada language)
A Purandara Dasar Padam..

Music produced by Kuldeep M Pai @ Chith Studios.

‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’ – non secular musical collection produced by Sri Kuldeep M Pai is a real try at infusing the abundance of our cultural heritage within the youthful generations. What higher company than Music can there be to encourage the younger and aged alike? A group of proficient youngsters spearheaded by Sooryagayathri have performed their components in transferring the Transcendental Reality via their dulcet voices. The musical movies on this collection have already received acclaim from hundreds of thousands of viewers throughout the globe. It is now time for us to bow earlier than the lineage of Gurus and relish the beatitude of divine buoyancy. Vande Guru Paramparaam! Vande Guru Paramparaam!