Bhagavad Gita – Chanted in English just like the Unique Sanskrit

This versified translation follows the poetic meter of the unique Sanskrit (anusthubh chandas) and is chanted utilizing a standard melody. The Gita’s 700 verses have been condensed to 349 English verses for brevity and readability. Hyperlinks to particular person chapters beneath.

0:58 Chapter 1 – Arjuna’s Misery
A lot of the verses within the Gita are within the anushtubh meter, having Eight syllables per quarter with a specified sample of brief and lengthy syllables. This meter is imitated in English through the use of 4 rhythmic beats per quarter with Eight or 9 syllables.
8:40 Chapter 2 – Religious Knowledge
19:44 Chapter 3 – Devoted Motion
25:17 Chapter 4 – Renunciation by Data
32:39 Chapter 5 – Renunciation
36:30 Chapter 6 – Meditation
Whereas the primary six chapters deal largely with self-knowledge and karma yoga, the center six chapters are devoted to bhakti, devotion.
43:16 Chapter 7 – Data and Devotion
47:30 Chapter 8 – Supreme Brahman
50:57 Chapter 9 – Secret Data
56:19 Chapter 10 – Glories of the Lord
1:01:16 Chapter 11 – The Cosmic Kind
1:10:58 Chapter 12 – Devotion
1:15:50 Chapter 13 – Knower and Recognized
The primary verse right here shouldn’t be truly a part of the Gita, however is added by most conventional academics to state the questions implied by the solutions given on this chapter.
1:22:06 Chapter 14 – The Three Qualities
1:26:29 Chapter 15 – The Supreme Self
1:31:17 Chapter 16 – Divine and Demonic Traits
1:34:58 Chapter 17 – Threefold Religion
1:39:50 Chapter 18 – Freedom and Renunciation
An extended, difficult passage, verses 18-45, have been omitted during which Sri Krishna describes information, motion, company, mind, dedication, and happiness when it comes to the three gunas.

Translated by Swami Tadatmananda, a traditionally-trained trainer of Vedanta, meditation, and Sanskrit. For extra data, please see: https://www.arshabodha.org/

Art work courtesy of Bhaktivedanta E-book Belief Worldwide – http://www.krishna.com, and Himalayan Academy.



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