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Are Indian Tribals Hindus? – Half II – Shrikant Talageri – #IndicTalks


On this second a part of the Indic Discuss “Are Indian Tribals Hindus?” Shrikant Talageri discusses different standards. He discusses the basically alien character of Christianity and Islam in Indian context. He says that Christianity originated in Palestine and attained its current type in Europe; Islam originated in Arabia. The historical past, outlook and cultural components (names, non secular meals, costumes, types of greeting, life-style) central to or related to each are fully non-Indian.

Then again all of the Hindu religions like Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and numerous tribal religions like Sarna or Donyi Polo originated in India. Assessing on numerous scales Talageri says that each one the tribal religions have options which match into essentially the most fundamental accepted definitions of ordinary Hinduism: idol-worship, totemism, polytheism, pantheism, animism, worship of the weather and of nature, perception in reincarnation, ancestor worship, and so on., each single one among which is pure anathema to Christianity and Islam.

He then proceeds to warn that each one Hindu religions are beneath siege from Islam, Christianity and modernism.

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